July 30, 2014

Revenge porn laws result in arrests

Revenge porn lawsThe first person has been charged with violating Colorado's new "Revenge Porn Law." The law took effect on July 1, and was designed to target individuals who post explicit pictures of another person without consent. Often such postings are done by an ex looking to humiliate a former lover.
Michael Clasen, 25, allegedly posted intimate pics of his ex-girlfriend on July 1. He is also being charged for stalking his ex and damaging her car. 
His charge, a misdemeanor, could land him in jail for 18 months and result in a $10,000 fine. 
21-year-old Brandon Oliver is also facing charges, under Virginia’s new revenge porn law. He faces 24 months in jail and a $5,000 fine.
Other states with similar laws include Hawaii, Arizona, California, New Jersey, New York, Georgia, Idaho, Pennsylvania, Utah and Wisconsin.
Of course, these types of laws wouldn't be needed if people could just grow up and move on when a relationship ends.
1st Man Charged Under Colorado's 'Revenge Porn' Law [XBiz]

Culture Club back together for first time in 15 years

Boy George shared this video from Culture Club's Saturday performance at Edinburgh Castle. His voice is a lot smokier now, but he can still carry a tune. 

"In case you missed me and the guys dust off the cobwebs for the first Culture Club performance in 15 years at Edinburgh Castle last week,” he posted.

July 29, 2014

Gay geeks unite!

Gay geeks

This past week, geeks of all stripes convened at Comic-Con in San Diego. What started in someone's basement in 1970, has blossomed into one of the biggest comic book (and sci-fi and fantasy) conventions in the world.

Sadly, we're sure many gay fanboys were unable to attend this esteemed event. Hoping to lessen your disappointment, enjoy these pics of some very sexy geeks!

Gay geek naked Spiderman

"And this is where my webs really cum from!"


Gay geek Riddler naked

Here's a question for you: Is green body paint edible?


Gay geek

"I heard you were looking for some tail ..."


Gay Super Mario brothers

The fabulous Mario brothers are always ready to lay some pipe!


Gay geek naked banana

Beware villains! It's Banana Peel Man!


Gay Hawkeye

And this is why everyone says Hawkeye is a bottom.

Tom Hardy to play twin gay gangsters

Tom HardyActor Tom Hardy is on somewhat of a gay streak.
First, he will be playing twin gangsters in the film Legend. The movie is about Ronald and Reggie Kray, brothers who ran East London’s underworld in the 1950s and 60s.
Although few knew about their sexuality, Freddie "Brown Bread Fred" Foreman, who worked with the twins, recently claimed that they were gay. He said Ronald admitted he liked men as a teenager, and Reggie's marriage to Frances Shea was a sham and never consummated (she committed suicide two years after they were married).
"The film apparently has Reggie looking out of his prison window and saying "I love you Frances" but he certainly did not love her like a husband loves a wife," Foreman said. "They never had sex." 
Hardy will also be portraying uber-gay singer Elton John in an upcoming biopic. And he played queer gangster Handsome Rob in Guy Ritchie's RocknRolla.
Although rumors about his own sexuality have been whispered about in gossip columns, he insists he is straight. In 2008, he said: "As a boy? Of course I have. I'm an actor for fuck's sake. I'm an artist. I've played with everything and everyone. But I'm not into men sexually. I love the form and the physicality but the gay sex bit does nothing for me."
Still, it's great that the hunk has no problem taking on gay roles. Now if only some of those roles required tasteful nudity! 

July 28, 2014

Johnny V now exclusive with Falcon / Raging Stallion / Hot House

Exclusive for Raging Stallion and Falcon, Johnny V
Gay porn newcomer Johnny V has signed an exclusive agreement with Falcon and Raging Stallion Studios. Because of the deal he will now only appear in videos under three brands: Falcon, Raging Stallion and recently acquired Hot House. 
V is an openly gay, and sees himself as mostly a bottom.
"When I first met Johnny V my immediate reaction was: this guy is going to be a huge star,” director Tony Dimarco said. “I saw a sex appeal and a swagger about him that I knew was going to make for great porn. There are very few guys who can come on set for their very first scene and be completely natural and give an authentic, amazing performance, and Johnny did just that. He went head to head with Ryan Rose — a true professional — and did not miss a beat.”
Dimarco hired V to appear in Falcon's fall release, “Naughty Pines.” 
“A sexy, beefy stud who is so dynamic on film is a very rare find in this industry," added Falcon and Raging Stallion President Chris Ward.  "He’s a prime example of the true definition of a porn star, and I can’t wait for the fans of Falcon, Raging Stallion and Hot House to get to see him in action themselves.  I’m sure they will be as impressed as I am with his fine set of assets.”
As for V, he's looking forward to his new job. "I’m extremely excited to make my first appearance in gay porn with the biggest and best in the business,” he said. “I am truly grateful to be given an opportunity to make my debut as an exclusive, and I’m proud to be part of the Falcon, Raging Stallion and Hot House family."
We can't wait to see more of Johnny!
Johnny V

July 27, 2014

Student watches gay porn on laptop, but forgets to plug in headphones

Okay, so the guy isn't really watching gay porn, but these co-eds don't know that!

July 26, 2014

The best of Betty Bowers, everyone's favorite Christian

Jesus picks His very favorite moments from Betty's videos from 2008 through July 2014.

July 25, 2014

Meet the men vying for BananaGuide's "Porn Star of the Year"

Gabriel Clark, Kris Evans, Paul Wagner and Paddy O'Brian

Well, here you go: the four finalists in BananaGuide's Porn Star of the Year competition. And now it's up to you to decide the cream of the crop. We've gathered some information on each of the hunks.

And don't forget to vote!

Gabriel Clark bisexual porn star CockyBoysGabriel Clark

Gabriel is a bisexual hunk from Montreal. He's also an exclusive for Cocky Boys, and if you've seen him fuck you know he's one of the cockiest porn stars out there. We're sure he's left many bottoms unable to walk after he's done pounding them!

He has worked as an escort and an exotic dancer. In fact, in 2013 he was part of a documentary I'm a Stripper, which profiled men who strip for other men. I'm a Stripper Too featured Gabriel with his fiancé Laila, and aired on LOGO in the US earlier this month.

Want to see more of this stud? Check out a collection of his scenes here!

Voting for Gabriel? Let him know and send him some love through Twitter at @Gabriel__Clark!


Gabriel Clark fucking CockyBoys


Gay porn Kris Evans Bel Ami OnlineKris Evans

One of the best known faces (and cocks) of popular Eastern European studio Bel Ami Online, Kris has proven himself to be a very popular model. He's smooth, is 6'4" and has a long uncut sausage to keep the boys interested.

Sadly, he was a victim of his own popularity. He worked as a police officer in Hungary, but when people found out about his porn work, he was fired. Bel Ami offered him full time work to help him out, but he declined the offer.

He started work in the industry when he was 18 and has been working on and off ever since. His most recent scene was a threesome with Kevin Warhol and Vadim Farrell.

Check out his other scenes here! And if you vote for him, let him know through Twitter at @KrisEvansReal!


Bel Ami threesome with Kris Evans, Vadim Farrell and Kevin Warhol


gay porn star Paddy O'Brian

Paddy O'Brian

This Aries is known for ramming deep into eager holes, making bottom boys squirm with his 7 inch cut cock. And though he identifies as straight, he has also started to explore his own submissive side, opening up in a few scenes to let another man massage his prostate.

He is currently working as an exclusive model for Men.com, and has shot over 40 scenes with the company! Not surprising, he says that his favorite hobby is wanking and his favorite thing is sex. Obviously, he is in the right industry! 

In his latest scene, Paddy takes one for the team. Or rather, he takes one from the team, as he's gangbanged by a group of equally hot men.

You can find a collection of his scenes here!

And you can let Paddy know you voted for him on Twitter at @paddyobrian86!


Padd O'Brien gang banged!


Gay porn star Paul WagnerPaul Wagner

At 5'11 and 200 lbs, Paul strikes an imposing figure. And even though this hunk loves to be naked in front of the camera with his cock in another man's ass, he's actually a bit introverted in real life.

"You might be surprised that although I love to perform on camera and am really uninhibited when filming sex scenes I am actually quite shy and reserved when the camera isn’t rolling," he once said.

Paul is openly gay which means some of you have a real chance to get with this stud. He likes American Dad, Bond movies, long deep kisses! Arrogant men need not apply.

He recently got fucked by the super hot Colby Keller! Check out his hard work here!

And don't forget to let him know if you voted for him. Send him a tweet at @Paulwagnerxxx!


Paul Wagner fucked by Colby Keller

VOTE: Porn star of the year

After a year of weekly showdowns between scores of the gay porn world’s most popular men, the moment of truth is almost upon us. Who will be BananaGuide’s Porn Star of the Year, with all the glory and riches that the title entails?  Paul Wagner? Kris Evans? Gabriel Clark? Paddy O’Brian? It’s up to you!    
Click the pics to see each finalist’s galleries, then vote for your favorite. This edition will continue until Friday, August 1 when everyone finds out who will be BananaGuide's  Porn Star of the Year!

Finalist! Paul Wagner: Finalist!
Finalist! Kris Evans: Finalist!
Finalist! Gabriel Clark: Finalist!
Finalist! Paddy O'Brian: Finalist!

Who is the HOTTEST?

Paul Wagner
Kris Evans
Gabriel Clark
Paddy O'Brian


July 24, 2014

Commonwealth Games opens with gay kiss

Openly gay actor John Barrowman made the opening ceremony of the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow one to remember. He gave a big ol' smooch to another man!
The Games are the world’s third largest multi-sports tournament, with 53 nations that once comprised the British Empire competing. The kiss is very symbolic because 42 of the 53 countries competing at these games actually criminalize homosexuality. This includes some of the world's most homophobic nations like Uganda, Nigeria, Brunei and Jamaica, that have kept anti-sodomy laws from the old colony days on the books.
But the mother country has moved on: the UK does recognize same-sex marriage and Scotland is also funding a Pride House to support LGBTI sports during the games.
Ugandan gay activist Edwin Sesange described the kiss as "inspirational," saying that "now we need others to follow."
Hmmm, if Barrowman is handing out kisses ...

Video explores awkwardly stripping in front of a stranger

There are so many awkward moments when hooking up for a one night stand. One of the most awkward is when it's time to strip down and get naked! 
Undress Me, by Tatia PIlieva, is based on the simple premise of getting strangers to take off another person’s clothes, with "no rules" provided by the film's director. Actors are simply asked to strip each other and get into bed.
The video is part of the marketing campaign for the upcoming season on Masters of Sex, a semi-biographical series about Dr. William Masters (Michael Sheen) and Virginia Johnson (Lizzy Caplan), two pioneering researchers of human sexuality.

July 23, 2014

Leo DiCaprio: would you still do him?

Leo DiCaprio

Leo DiCaprio

Leo DiCaprio ain't the hottie he used to be. He's gone from movie hunk to average Joe, complete with bad hair and something of a belly. On the other hand, a beard and love-handles can be a turn-on for some. 

China says no to porn apps

China goes after porn on appsChina, which already censors adult content on the web, has extended its war on porn to include smartphone apps. The country's Ministry of Industry announced yesterday that it will be cracking down on any app that features adult content.
The Communist Party-run government is hoping to effectively “clean the Internet,” or at least the parts of the Internet it can control. Officials say they will "enhance abilities to discover pornographic and obscene apps" and "improve the process of punishment.”
Initially the government hopes companies will voluntarily remove objectionable material, but has promised to take action on anyone who does not comply.
The China Internet Network Information Centre says that the country accounts for over 600 million of the world's Internet users, of which over 80% rely on smart phones to access the web. There were no stats available on how many Chinese use porn apps. 
Of course, anyone who owns an iPhone knows what it is like to live without porn apps; the big difference is we can access plenty of porn with our browsers.
China cracking down on porn in mobile apps [Chicago Tribune]

July 22, 2014

First trailer for ‘The Imitation Game’ Alan Turing biopic

The first trailer for a biopic about the life of gay codebreaker and computer genius Alan Turing has been released.
The US film, titled The Imitation Game, was written by Andrew Hodges, and stars Benedict Cumberbatch as Turing. Turing is considered to be the father of modern computing, and played a key role in deciphering German codes in World War II. His achievements, however, were overshadowed when he was prosecuted for "gross indecency" in 1952, because of his relations with other men.