April 18, 2015

Cody Cummings slams door on Next Door

Cody Cummings

Cody Cummings and Next Door Studios have called it quits again. And the split isn't a pleasant one.

Cody Cummings leaving Next Door again

He last left the company in 2013, saying that he was no longer getting along with the Next Door management over the direction of his scenes. He then tried to launch a new online career, and even dabbled in straight porn, before returning to work for his old studio last year.

So, what we can glean from his tweets is that he isn't done porn yet, as he's looking for offers. And for "fans," this is as close to seeing Cody "fucked" as you're ever going to get.

Here's what we think: Mr. Cummings, maybe gay porn just ain't your thing. That's okay. It isn't meant for everyone. And we'll always have fond memories of your work ... of all the times some hot dude sucked you off, or gave you a handjob, while you stared off into space bored out of your mind.

Seriously, sometimes things run their course. We think Cody needs to retire and make room for a porn star willing to give a little more to loyal fans.

April 17, 2015

Anyone craving some "Uptown Fish"?

Shangela LaQuifa shares her take on pop hit "Uptown Funk." And look at all those handsome gents!

VOTE: Who's the hottest porn star?

The votes are in and Logan Moore is moving on to the semi-finals!

This week: three new faces competing for your votes. Kevin Warhol is super-cute, and loves it when guys suck on his uncut sausage. Lukas Knight loves to play joust with his hard cock. And Theo Ford wants to take you for a ride you won't soon forget.

Click the pics to see each contender's galleries, then vote for your favorite. 

He's a cutie with an uncut sausage should you need something to snack on! Kevin Warhol: He's a cutie with an uncut sausage should you need something to snack on!
Meet your knight in latex armor, ready to impale you with his big lance! Lucas Knight: Meet your knight in latex armor, ready to impale you with his big lance!
Hot, handsome and hung ... what more could you ask for in a hunk? Theo Ford: Hot, handsome and hung ... what more could you ask for in a hunk?

Who is the HOTTEST?

Kevin Warhol
Lucas Knight
Theo Ford

Last Week's RUNNERS UP:

Runner-up to Logan Moore! Derek Atlas: Runner-up to Logan Moore!
Runner-up to Logan Moore! Damien Crosse: Runner-up to Logan Moore!


Semi-finalist! Logan Moore: Semi-finalist!
Semi-finalist! Topher DiMaggio: Semi-finalist!


Finalist! Dean - Sean Cody: Finalist!
Finalist! Luke Adams: Finalist!


2013/14 Porn Star of the Year! Paddy O'Brian: 2013/14 Porn Star of the Year!


April 16, 2015

Gay of Thrones: The Whores to Cum

Hair stylist Jonathan is back for another season of "Gay of Thrones," his unique recap of HBO's Game of Thrones

Ouch! PlentyOfFish.com fined $48,000 in Canada

PlentOfFish finedCanada is getting tough on spammers, and one of the first big websites to be targeted is PlentyOfFish.com.
The country has made it mandatory for companies to get explicit permission from people before sending them spam. As well, companies must make unsubscribing to newsletters and updates easy. Penalties of up to $10 million are possible (though highly unlikely).
The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) has jurisdiction policing these cases, and looked into the activities of PlentyOfFish.com after receiving complaints from the public. At issue in this case: emails were being sent without a prominent unsubscribe option.
“This case in an important reminder to businesses that they need to review their unsubscribe mechanisms to ensure they are clearly and prominently set out and can be readily performed as required by the legislation,” CRTC spokesman Manon Bombardier said. 
PlentyOfFish.com was fined $48,000 following a four month investigation. It has since updated its unsubscribe option to comply with the legislation, and has promised to provide proper training to staff concerning corporate policies and procedures.
Plenty of Fish, which bills itself as the world's largest dating site, was founded in 2003. It caters to all sexualities, and is popular enough to bring in about $10 million in revenue per year. That said, $48,000 isn't going to put them out of business anytime soon.

April 15, 2015

Battle of the Avenger hunks - who is the hottest?

Who is the hottest actor from the Avengers?

In just a few more weeks, geeks around the world will gather for a collective cinematic orgasm, as the next chapter in the Avenger's movie franchise is released. It's also a chance for the pervs amongst us to fantasize about one of the hottest superhero gangbangs you can imagine!

Max Emerson talks about manscaping

Need some tips on body hair care? Well, Max is here to help!

April 14, 2015

Clinton campaign ad hit with "18+" rating in Russia

Hillary Clinton ad features gay coupleOn Sunday, Hillary Clinton finally announced that she was running to be the Democrat's candidate for the presidency in 2016. No one was surprised.

Her first campaign ad was also released. It contained the image of a same-sex couple holding hands. How sweet!

However, over in Russia, the ad was considered too adult for some. It was hit with an "18+" age rating while airing on Russia's Dozhd TV channel.
A spokesman for Dozhd explained that the age warning was essential to ensure the station did not run afoul of Russia’s “gay propaganda” law, which bans any promotion of “non-traditional” relationships to minors. The station said that it would have faced a large fine for failing to comply.
In response, Nate Johnson tweeted:
Nate Johnson tweet about Russia
In related news, Putin is still a major prick.

The return of Gay of Thrones!

Feeling a little confused now that Game of Thrones has returned for another season? Can't remember who's who? Well, hairdresser Jonathan has your back ... well, sort of.

Gay Of Thrones: She's Back from Funny Or Die

April 13, 2015

Check out "Broadway Bares: Top Bottoms Of Burlesque"

Broadway Bares, the evening of sexy striptease that benefits Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS, is turning 25 and will welcome back to the director's chair Jerry Mitchell, Bares' creator and executive producer. 
In a lavish and thrilling extravaganza, Broadway Bares: Top Bottoms of Burlesque will feature a cast of colorful characters for every desire and fantasy. Broadway’s iconic personalities - from devilish divas to charismatic casting directors, luscious lyricists to studly stagehands - will combine the naughtiness of burlesque with the razzle-dazzle of Broadway.
Last year's Broadway Bares: Rock Hard! raised a staggering $1,386,105. The first Broadway Bares featured seven dancers stripping on a bar and raised $8,000. To date, the 24 editions of Broadway Bares have raised more than $12.6 million for Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS.
The 2015 edition will take place at NYC's Hammerstein Ballroom on Sunday, June 21.

April 12, 2015

AIDS Healthcare Foundation accused of major scam

AIDS Healthcare FoundationA whistleblower lawsuit has been filed against the AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF), one of the major players in HIV and AIDS medical care, claiming it has scammed up to 12 states for about $20 million a year for the past 4 years.  
The allegations are being made by three former managers of the AHF, including Shawn Loftis (who worked in porn as Collin O'Neal). The three filed suit last week claiming the company actually paid employees and patients kickbacks - $100 and $50 respectively - for any new HIV+ patient referrals. AHF could then claim to be helping more HIV+ individuals in need, resulting in bigger payouts from programs such as Medicare, Medicaid and Health and Human Services HIV/AIDS grant programs.
“[AHF President Michael] Weinstein also directed a patient financial incentive of $50 to those falling out of care to induce them to return to AHF medical care and also a financial incentive of up to $50 every few months to remain in AHF care, as well as an additional financial ‘bonus’ at the end of one year of such care,” the suit said.
Weinstein said the lawsuit lacked merit.
"Not only has AIDS Healthcare Foundation done nothing wrong, our pro-active approach to finding and linking HIV-positive individuals to lifesaving care and treatment is critical to stopping HIV in this country," Weinstein argued in a statement.
AHF is responsible for over 350,000 patients in 36 countries. Of course, in the porn world AHF is better known as a major force in pushing for mandatory condom use in porn films, such as its successful push for a condom law in LA County.  
“For those people who have asked me where Weinstein gets the money to wage his multimillion-dollar personal vendetta against the porn industry ... now you know,” Diane Duke, head of the adult trade group Free Speech Coalition, said.
“Clearly for Michael Weinstein it has been all about fame and fortune at the expense of AHF's clients and people in need of HIV education and services,” she added. “That Weinstein would misuse tens of millions in federal funds earmarked HIV prevention and treatment is shocking and atrocious.” 
Whistleblower Suit Spurs Questions Over AHF's Anti-porn Campaign [Xbiz]
Former AIDS Healthcare Foundation Managers File Whistleblower Act Claims Against Nation's Largest HIV/AIDS Medical Company for Patient Referral Kickback Scheme  [Morningstar News]

April 11, 2015

Five myths about anal sex

Jason Farone explores the silly myths about taking it up the butt ...

April 10, 2015

Trailer for "Grace And Frankie" released

Netflix original comedy Grace and Frankie - from the co-creator of Friends - stars Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin as two women who form an unlikely bond after their husbands reveal they are gay and leave them for each other. And here's the first official trailer for the new show!

April 9, 2015

Barry Manilow is now married ... to a man

Barry Manilow has been setting off gaydar around the world since gaydar was first discovered. But the superstar has never publicly come out as queer.
So when the ever reliable National Enquirer published a story yesterday claiming the singer married his longtime partner and manager Garry Kief in a private ceremony last year, we didn't give it much credence. Gay yes, but secretly married? Probably not.
Well, People magazine - which is a somewhat more reliable gossip rag - is now claiming that it has been able to confirm that the wedding took place.
"It was a surprise," an unnamed friend said. Apparently, "20 to 30 guests" had been told they were attending a "lunch," only to discover they were at a private ceremony.
No paperwork was signed, though both grooms are said to be wearing wedding bands.
"They have a great relationship," said another source. "Garry has always been there for Barry."
According to the Enquirer:
...the happy duo did not file the paperwork to formalize their union out of fear the big news would leak, sources said.
"Barry is paranoid that his fans would not approve of him being gay, when in reality, many have suspected it for years – and most wouldn’t care,” the source said. “They would be happy for him!”
Manilow's rep has refused to confirm the reports.
Surprise! Barry Manilow Has Married His Manager Garry Kief  [People]