August 1, 2015

Andrew Christian presents "The Coronation"

It's a big, bright, flashy celebration as a new king is crowned! And the boys are lining up to offer themselves for his pleasure.

July 31, 2015

Mickey Taylor releases first single "Pain"

Mickey taylor

Mickey Taylor is much more than a hot fucker (and fuckee) on a porn set. He's also hoping to make it as a musician, and will be releasing his debut album soon. It will be called Polaroid Prince and the first single, "Pain," has already been released.

As for his porn career, which we hope will continue, he admitted he lucked into it. “I got scouted," he explained. "I actually never even thought about it or wanted too, but a studio [Straxus] approached me and were really sweet. They came with a terrific offer, so I thought I would try it and here I am today”

Since then he's worked with several top studios, including Blake Mason,, Euroboys, UK Naked Men and Eurocreme.

He's also done both bareback porn and porn wearing a condom, and said that he's now only willing to do the latter. 

He said: "Personally I have done bareback and never would again. I don’t enjoy the risk involved with it. I feel that models have the right to choose themselves if that’s what they want to do, studios would never force a model to do it. Between me and my friends in the industry it seems like a lot more models would rather continue doing safe sex more than bareback."

As for his porn/stage name? He said that Taylor is from his mainstream modeling days, and Mickey is in tribute to Disney's famous mouse.

You can check out his naked work here!

VOTE: Who's the hottest porn star?

Sebastian Kross is the man of the week, easily beating out his competition! 

That means we have three new contenders hoping to win your support! Hugh Hunter is a hot daddy with a great smile and a wonderful cock. Marc Ruffalo is an Easter European hottie with a smooth, ink-free body. And Mickey Taylor is a sexy Brit who likes music and modeling and fucking guys in the ass!

Click the pics to see each contender's galleries, then vote for your favorite. 

Who can resist that smile ... and body, and cock, and ass? Hugh Hunter: Who can resist that smile ... and body, and cock, and ass?
English is not his first language, but you won't need to talk for what he's got in mind. Marc Ruffalo: English is not his first language, but you won't need to talk for what he's got in mind.
He's a model and a singer and an expert in bed! Mickey Taylor: He's a model and a singer and an expert in bed!

Who is the HOTTEST?

Hugh Hunter
Marc Ruffalo
Mickey Taylor

Winners advance to the QUARTER-FINALS:

Quarter-finalist! Sebastian Kross: Quarter-finalist!

Last Week's RUNNERS UP:

Runner-up to Sebastian Kross! Andy Taylor: Runner-up to Sebastian Kross!
Runner-up to Sebastian Kross! Sebastian Keys: Runner-up to Sebastian Kross!


Semi-finalist! Joey - Sean Cody: Semi-finalist!
Semi-finalist! Johnny Forza: Semi-finalist!


Finalist! Kevin Warhol: Finalist!
Finalist! Dean - Sean Cody: Finalist!
Finalist! Luke Adams: Finalist!


2013/14 Porn Star of the Year! Paddy O'Brian: 2013/14 Porn Star of the Year!


July 30, 2015

The nine sexiest ways for gay men to beat the summer heat

Even for men who love long, hot days, heat warnings and high humidity can make even the biggest summer-lover run for cover.

But don't fret! We've gathered some of the best ways to help you and your buds stay cool while enjoying the great outdoors!

naked hat

Wear a hat. (And don't forget one for your little buddy!)


naked men watersports

Ask your friend to pull out his hose and spray you!


Naked guys jogging

Jog at night, and leave the undies at home!


ass in air

Sweaty ass? Let it breath!


guy naked on a bike

Go for  a naked bike ride (but don't forget to wipe off the seat when you are done).


naked guy

Channel your inner flower!


naked men in water

Water your friends and see if they grow!


naked man hiker

Be a good samaritan and point others to the swimming hole!


two hot men sunbathing naked

Sunbathe! (Just keep en eye on your friend and make sure his weenie doesn't get burned!)

Underwear 101

Ever wonder about the history of your favorite underwear styles? Well, wonder no more!


July 29, 2015

Time for some special Manila Luzon "Ice Cream"

Manila Luzon keeps releasing catchy new material. The RuPaul’s Drag Race season 3 runner up is back with “Ice Cream” and brought along some of her sexy friends!

Naked lovers battle homophobia

Real life couple Felippe and Marlon wanted to take a stand against homophobia in the best way they knew how: by posing for the camera. The two models called on photographers Fábio Lamounier and Rodrigo Ladeira to help them out, and created these sexy shots from the middle of a street.

How exactly does this help in the battle to make the world a more gay-friendly place?

According to a statement: "... We have to be utopian and rethink a city naked of its prejudices, lovable even under the gray sky; complete just because of the differences, and respectful [be]cause of [diversity]. It is to be one day. But the patience also dilates the time: maybe tomorrow, who knows, days are no longer utopian, but just real."
We can only assume that the original, in Portuguese, sounds better (and makes sense). Still, the pictures are nice ...

July 28, 2015

Sexy Spartans defeated by Chinese police

It was supposed to be a harmless promotional event celebrating the anniversary of Sweetie Salad, an organic salad delivery service: a hundred studly Western actors outfitted like Spartan warriors marching through well-know shopping districts in Beijing. However, this is China, and when the shopping crowds got too interested in the parade of half naked men the police decided the display was "disturbing street order." The beauties were ordered to disperse. A few did not flee at once and were wrestled to the ground and detained by police for a few hours. Given that there is no freedom of assembly, or freedom of anything for that matter, in China, it's not  a big surprise. 

Lessons in Lexicology: Caitlyn Jenner

In this Funny or Die video, an English "grammarian extraordinaire" (Jared Harris) explains to a clueless couple the do's and don't of transgender terminology. And yes, there is an Eliza Doolittle sidekick to complete the My Fair Lady allusion.  

July 27, 2015

Ari Gold: Sex Like a Porn Star

Sexy, out singer Ari Gold will be dropping his latest album, Soundtrack to Freedom, in August. But you don't have to wait until then to hear the single "Sex Like a Porn Star."  

July 26, 2015

Justin Bieber flashes his pubes.

Justin Bieber recently gave a fleeting glimpes of his pubes, confirming that the drapes do match the carpet. Bieber, who recently swore he'd reformed his ways, apparently doesn't see flaunting his body in public as in poor taste  -- thank God. 


July 25, 2015

Stop hating on Ashley Madison, it's a "charity"

Rumors that Ashley Madison is a website that helps cheaters cheat are all wrong. The site is about doing good in the world. It's like "Make a Wish," but for men in their forties ...

July 24, 2015

NakedSword and Men team up for "Biggest Catch"

Gay porn "Biggest Catch"Yesterday, NakedSword and MEN released the first episode of Biggest Catch, billed as a light hearted gay adult feature. It was shot on location in San Francisco, and was written and directed by the one and only mr. Pam.
The movie stars JD Phoenix, Killian James and Garrett Cooper as go-go dancing hustlers from Las Vegas who head to San Francisco for a new start. They think they'll each be able to land themselves a super-rich sugar daddy. The problem: they only have three weeks before they run out of cash and have to head back to Vegas.
The movie also stars Adam Ramzi, Andrew Stark, Casey Moore, and Jackson Fillmore.
According to mr. Pam: "I love JD Phoenix and the movie was inspired by him because I saw him running around the Grabbys in Chicago looking for a daddy anyway he could, online, on apps, in person etc. I thought it was hilarious and that the idea would make for a good script.
"The first sex scene starts the movie off with a bang and stars the stunning JD and Jackson Fillmore who is just adorable. It was a perfect flip scene and was one of my favorite scenes to shoot. JD was an amazing top and in this case I think being a great bottom can also make you a great top! He really went there and the result is an amazingly hot sex scene to kick off this fantastic movie!"
You can check out a teaser for the first scene here!

July 23, 2015

What happens when a gay man gets pregnant?

Paternity Leave the movieMatt Riddlehoover's Paternity Leave is a romantic comedy with a twist.
Greg (Jacob York) and Ken (Charlie David) have been together for awhile. But after a fun night of celebrating their four-year anniversary, things take a dramatic turn!
Greg begins feeling nauseated, fatigued, moody and – most unfortunately – fat. At his wit's end and Ken's insistence, he sees a doctor who's stumped and refers the couple to a specialist. To everyone's amazement, Greg is pregnant.  Now that would be a WTF moment!
The movie is currently playing at queer film festivals across the US, and will be released on DVD in November.