May 27, 2015

Muslim televangelist warns masturbation leads to pregnant hands

Mücahid Cihad HanMücahid Cihad Han, a television preacher, is the Muslim equivalent of Pat Robertson. In other words, he says a lot of stupid things.
While answering viewers' questions on his Turkish 2000 TV show, a man told the preacher that he couldn't stop masturbating even though he was married.
Han warned that all men who pleasure themselves in this like will end up with a "pregnant hand in the afterlife."
He said: "One hadith states that those who have sexual intercourse with their hands will find their hands pregnant in the afterlife, complaining against them to God over its rights. 'If our viewer was single, I could recommend he marry, but what can I say now?"
Twitter users exploited his silly comments. "Are there any hand-gynaecologists in the afterlife? Is abortion allowed there?" one person tweeted.
Another wondered "how will the hand deliver a baby?"
It's nice to know that there are all sorts of crazy in every religion.

Meet Mr Leather International 2015

Mr International Leather 2015

This past weekend, not only were the Grabby Awards handed out, but International Mr Leather (IML) was choosing its winner for 2015.

The international conference and contest of leathermen has been held annually in May since 1979 in Chicago, Illinois. That's a lot of hot men in tight black jockstraps!

This year's winner: Mr. Los Angeles Leather 2015, Patrick Smith.

May 26, 2015

Adore Delano releases "Give Me Tonight"

Adore Delano - who was a fan favorite from RuPaul's Drag Race - has released the 8th single from her debut album Till Death Do Us Party. "Give Me Tonight" has a strong 80s feel to it, making it a must listen for all you retro fans!

May 25, 2015

Average guys imitate "Magic Mike" poses

When real men get in touch with their inner Channing Tatums, the results are mixed.

May 24, 2015

Ireland votes yes for marriage equality

Ireland votes yes for gay marriage

This weekend, Ireland became the first country to legalize gay marriage through a popular vote. The "yes" side won with an impressive 62.1% in support.

“I’m so proud to be Irish today,” Ireland’s Minister for Equality Aodhan O Riordain tweeted.
“We are making history but that is not what it is about,” said Maeve O’Sullivan, a 40-year-old North Dublin social worker and mother of two. “It’s about supporting people and being inclusive. It is accepting people on the most basic level, and I am over the moon.”
Same-sex Irish couples did have the right to enter into civil unions starting in 2011, but activists argued that this did not provide the full range of rights and protections afforded to married couples.
“Ireland has long been seen as a traditional conservative country,” said Tom Louwerse, director of Trinity College Dublin’s politics and public policy program. “So it shows that Ireland has become more liberal in those terms.”

May 23, 2015

Don't send dick pics, send dick vids!

No one wants a boring picture of your penis. They want a full video!

May 22, 2015

Straight guys explain gay sex toys

Four straight men try to explain how to use a variety of gay sex toys!

VOTE: Who's the hottest porn star?

It was close at times, but in the end Kevin Warhol pulled ahead! He is now moving on to the final. 

And this week's challengers hope to eventually join him. Dato Foland thinks the best parties involve a lot of naked men in a lot of different positions. Cage Kafig is a tough young man who is no longer afraid of playing with another man's cock. And Adam Herst is the sexy daddy stud for whom you've always wanted to bottom. 

Click the pics to see each contender's galleries, then vote for your favorite. 

One on one is fine for most, but he prefers an orgy or a gangbang. Dato Foland: One on one is fine for most, but he prefers an orgy or a gangbang.
If you like them rough and tough and ready to fuck, then he's your man. Cage Kafig: If you like them rough and tough and ready to fuck, then he's your man.
Because sometimes you need a hot daddy to fuck your brains out. Adam Herst: Because sometimes you need a hot daddy to fuck your brains out.

Who is the HOTTEST?

Dato Foland
Cage Kafig
Adam Herst

Last Week's RUNNERS UP:

Runner-up to finalist, Kevin Warhol! Logan Moore: Runner-up to finalist, Kevin Warhol!
Runner-up to finalist, Kevin Warhol! Topher DiMaggio: Runner-up to finalist, Kevin Warhol!


Finalist! Kevin Warhol: Finalist!
Finalist! Dean - Sean Cody: Finalist!
Finalist! Luke Adams: Finalist!


2013/14 Porn Star of the Year! Paddy O'Brian: 2013/14 Porn Star of the Year!


May 21, 2015

Musical being created about Elton John's life

Elton JohnIt comes as very little surprise that Sir Elton John’s life will soon become fodder for a West End musical. 
The musical will actually be based upon a new movie biopic, which will star Tom Hardy as Elton. The stage adaptation will be produced by the writers behind Billy Elliot the Musical.
“It’s in the works right now. It will be called Rocketman but we will do the film first,” Sally Greene, a producer for Billy Elliot the Musical, said. “It will open in Broadway before London. It will be Elton’s back catalogue… he will never end his career.”
Of course, the soundtrack will feature many of his biggest hits. However, that still leaves a lot of choice for producers; in five decades of work, he has amassed over 50 top 40 hits and sold over 250 million records.
No date has been set for either the biopic or the musical. However, if you need your live Elton fix, he is starting a new tour at the end of this month.

Gay Of Thrones: Endowed, Bendy, Uncut

Jonathan loves three things - Mad Men, bobby pins, and Game of Thrones.

May 20, 2015

Virtual reality porn may be closer than you think

Oculus RiftIf you are tired of watching your porn on a computer screen or smart phone, and really want to get a little closer to the real action, you may soon be in luck.
Facebook-owned Oculus VR - the virtual reality (VR) device, and a frontrunner in the industry - has promised that it won’t block X-rated content.
Palmer Luckey, the company's founder, was answering questions at the Silicon Valley Virtual Reality Conference in San Jose when the issue of porn came up. 
“Whether you feel comfortable acknowledging it or not, VR porn is being made and it is definitely awesome. Do you think the industry will continue to passively allow it or do you expect VR leaders will actively block adult content from VR systems?” the panel attendee asked.
“The rift is an open platform," Luckey replied. "We don’t control what software can run on it. And that’s a big deal.”
You'll have to wait to experience what this new frontier in porn looks like. Pre-orders for the device will be taken later this year, with the actual product shipping sometime in 2016. 
And yes, businesses are prepared to fill your VR needs. Brian Shuster, from Red Light Center and Utherverse, said his company has already invested $40 million making Red Light Center 2.0, a 3D-animated online sex club, compatible with Oculus Rift.
Add some headphones and a USB-enabled Fleshjack and you'll never have to leave your house for sex!

What younger and older gay men think about each other

In the spirit of Logo’s newest shows Cucumber and Banana NewNowNext asked gay men to open up about the subject of age and dating.

May 19, 2015

Twitter considering a massive porn purge

Twitter to be censoredTwitter - which has always considered itself a bastion of free speech - may be dismissing up to 10 million user accounts in order to eliminate porn from the social media site.
Computer and tech analyst Robert Peck sounded the alarm, saying the purge could be coming soon.
"Bearish investors point out that one can still see users that are violating Twitter's [terms of service] and we would expect these users will need to be purged at some point," he argued. In Twitter's ToS, this means no violent or pornographic pics as part of a "profile image, header image, or background image."
As for actual tweeted content, however, users simply have to flag their tweets as including potentially offensive material. "We do not mediate content. All content should be marked appropriately as per our guidelines," the Twitter Media Policy states.
"Twitter is one of the few large social media platforms that doesn’t apply a lot of censorship rules to our images so by default it’s a network tool in the adult industry," explained adult actress Mercedes Carrera.
Actress Leya Falcon added: “To block my freedom of expression and not be able to show the world what I am doing when I was previously able to post anything without fear of being kicked off? That’s going to hurt.”
Rumor has it that Twitter is considering the change in order to bolster its flagging revenue. Reports indicate that the company's quarterly revenue fell short of expectations, with shares down by almost 24%. Businesses seem wary about having their ads associated with pornographic tweets, hence a growing unwillingness to advertise on the site.
Of course, Twitter would be smarter to keep the porn and simply tweak the algorithm that links tweets with ads. Because everyone knows what happens when the porn gets booted, right Yahoo! Groups?
Twitter’s Great Porn Purge of 2015: Porn Stars and XXX Companies Fear the Worst [The Daily Beast]
Here's Why Twitter's Porn Problem Freaked Out Brands [AdWeek]

Andrew Christian's "Troop 69"

What are these good, wholesome boys doing in the woods? Training to be Scouts, of course! And with Andrew Christian leading them, they'll be pitching a tent in no time!