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Feb 24 | People

Gay pro boxer beats up guy over homophobic comments.



Feb 24 | Technology

Hosting a pirate site doesn't amount to infringement, judge says.



Feb 24 | Porn Stars

Give gay porn star Mason Wyler a warm welcome back.

Queer Me Now 


Feb 23 | Sex and Society

Trump administration revokes trans student guidelines.

The Advocate 


Feb 23 | Sex and Society

Fearless Indonesian journalist wins award for reports on LGBT issues.



Feb 23 | Celeb Watch

Ricky Martin reveals he has a "crazy foot fetish."

Socialite Life 


Feb 22 | Sex and Society

Royal Navy bans sailors from having porn on ships.



Feb 22 | Arts / Entertainment

The 10 best queer songs of Myspace past.



Feb 22 | Sex and Society

The ageist contradiction: If you’re not looking for an “oldie,” why did you Grindr me?



Feb 21 | Sex Life

Is it time we thought beyond monogamy as the ideal, and normalized open relationships?

Gay Times 


Feb 21 | Arts / Entertainment

George Michael’s family banned anyone but Adele doing tribute to him.

Pink News 


Feb 21 | Sex and Society

Tanzania threatens to publish "list of gay people."

Gay Star News 


Feb 20 | People

CPAC speaker Milo Yiannopoulos defends men having sex with 13-year-old boys.

Towle Road 


Feb 20 | Funny Bits

Officials want to make Dick Street longer.

The New York Post 


Feb 20 | The Biz

Porn-o-nomics: Why a multi-Billion-dollar industry is having so much trouble making money.



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