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326 (avg. 15 min.)  Stream and Download
MP4 (stream/dwnld); 1280x720;  3000k 

Photos - 306 sets of 30 images

Works well on desktop, laptop and mobile devices.

Alternative amateurs.
Inconsistent download options.

Review date: July 2018

Alternadudes is a showcase for sexy -- and unusual -- guys that you have never seen before. The age range is from 18-26, and the variation of types is wide: there are punks and rockers, skaters and surfers, shaggy twinks and emos, goths, musicians, poets, hairy guys, smooth guys, guys with make-up, with piercings and platinum hair, with mohawks, fauxhawks ... Some of these guys won't be to your taste, but we found the strong statements of personal style arousing; plus, the guys bring total enthusiasm and horny commitment to their performances.

The site updates about once a week and most of the video is great quality, though a few have lighting issues, or lack variety in camera angles and poses -- and some of the older videos could benefit from upgrading.


The tour homepage highlights the most recent updates and the most popular scenes. You can also peruse the entire video and model index and read the descriptions. You are allowed five free video clips in the tour. Note that the trial is streaming only.


Alternadudes is easy to navigate and simple in its design. You canfocus your search using the menu items for "Updates" (listing all videos from the most recent), "DVDs" (which presents scenes in related collections), "Models" and "Photos." Each category allows you to select from "Most Recent," "Most Popular" or "Name/Title." There is also an advanced search feature, and all the areas of the site are well-supplied with category keyword tags.

While lots of work has gone into optimizing the design and functionality of the site the listings of video downloads are inconsistent; some are listed by file size, without a mention of the format; others have multiple copies that are virtually the same size. Some rationalization here would be good.

The Men and the Action

These are not your typical gay porn models. Here the guys are inked and pierced, with multi-colored emo cuts or shaggy hair, and hipster gear. The standard type is a lean to muscular white or Latino guy with an attitude and a sizable dick. Notice we're not saying cute or handsome, because facial beauty is not a given here. When they go at it, these punks can really pound. And that's pretty much what they do: suck, fuck and cum with full intensity. There is not much hardcore kink but a few dildos and cockrings show up from time to time.

Video Details

Most Alternadudes videos have excellent viewing quality, though a few of the oldest have a slightly fuzzy quality, and a few others look slightly distorted with fast motion. Oddly, some of the newer videos appear to be cam videos.

Most scenes begin with a brief interview and then proceed to well shot, nicely edited solo and action sequences. The lighting is even, the sound is good, and the cumshots are always caught.

The 325 videos on Alternadudes average around fifteen minutes in length. Updates have averaged a little less than weekly since our last review.

All of the videos can be streamed or downloaded as MP4s. The site, however, lists download options by file size and not by file type.

The streams are in an embedded player and offer maximum control options: choose between three qualities -- low, high, or mobile specific.

The MP4 downloads are in a choice of three sizes; the largest is 1280x720 pixels with a bitrate of 3000 kbps.

Screens: The site works well on full-size and portable screens. Downloads are available in 720p HD and so are suitable for viewing on TV screens.

Image and Other Content

The "Bonus" section offers some behind the scenes content. There is also a blog which offers little more than updates for the site and some links to sister sites.

Summing Up

Straight outta L.A... Alternadudes is a technically impressive site that showcases young alternative guys rarely seen elsewhere. Underneath the floppy hair, ink and piercings are some really hot guys just looking to fuck.

3 day: $7.95 (limited trial) (rebills @ $24.95)

30 day: $29.95 (rebills @ $19.95)

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Quality 28/33
Quantity 15/20
Personality 5/5
Video Options 6/6
Updates 4/6
Content 57/70
Tour 5/5
Usability 11/15
Fairness 5/5
Value 4/5
User-friendly 25/30

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Condoms: Yes
Condoms used in fuck scenes.
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3 day: $7.95 (limited trial)
(rebills @ $24.95)

30 day: $29.95
(rebills @ $19.95)

Billed as:
NS Entertainment

Alternadudes is operated by Ach Meine Augen LLC and has been online since 2009.

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326 (avg. 15 min.) DRM: Stream and Download
MP4 (stream/dwnld); 1280x720;  3000k 

Photos - 306 sets of 30 images

Works well on desktop, laptop and mobile devices.

Alternative amateurs.
Inconsistent download options.

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