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The BG Story

Trevor is BananaGuide's founder. He holds a Master's Degree in Library and Information Studies, which partially explains the level of detail of BananaGuide reviews.  

Trevor started working in Web design in 1996, while employed as a librarian at an Ontario government agency. Feeling unchallenged by his work, he knew the time was right to try his hand at a new venture. His combination of information management and web design skills made an Internet-related career shift the obvious choice.

Knowing full well that the most reliable means of actually making a living would be by entering the adult market, the radical - and completely original - idea of a gay consumers' guide to web porn was conceived in late 1999; BananaGuide went live in December, 2000. 

Trevor leads the company and is editor-in-chief.

Steve (Trevor's partner in business and life) is responsible for site reviews.

Daryl is our intrepid blogger and social media maven.  

Terry is our technology specialist. 

BananaGuide is headquartered in Toronto, Canada. You can contact us here

Site Reviews 
BananaGuide was the first gay site ever to provide thorough and honest reviews of gay membership sites. Since we first started doing reviews in 2000, the model has been imitated far and wide, but BananaGuide remains the leader in the field, providing the most detailed, honest and up-to-date reviews of better-quality gay porn sites. 

News & Views 
In our blog BG covers not only amusing and titillating sex stories and porn gossip, but the seemingly endless attempts by government and right-wing religious leaders to censor the porn that you enjoy. We believe  this is part of our role as a pro-consumer and pro-porn advocate. 

For your pleasure, each day we post free galleries  from top quality membership sites. Enjoy!

Web Directory 
BananaGuide also has a very selective web directory of the better gay adult resources in several categories, from porn blogs to hook-up sites. 

Porn Surfing 101 
The Porn Surfing 101 articles in the Web Directory are a consumer-oriented guide designed to help you navigate through the web of membership sites with as few hassles as possible. 

How BananaGuide makes money 
BananaGuide makes money in much the same way other free adult sites do. Membership sites pay commissions to sites that send customers their way. If you, after reading one of our site reviews, decide to join that site we will receive a commission.

It's in our interest to provide you with honest reviews because we want you to have a positive experience at any site we recommend and to continue to visit BananaGuide regularly.

Reviews of BananaGuide 
Response to BananaGuide has been overwhelmingly positive. Check out these reviews.

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