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Bareback Porn and Safer Sex

[updated February, 2016]

BananaGuide believes porn producers should take all reasonable measures to protect their models from HIV and other STDs.  The use of condoms when fucking is still the best way to prevent HIV infection, on the set and off. However, with the advent of much improved testing and pre- and post- exposure treatments, particularly with Truvada, more porn producers are choosing to film bareback scenes. 

Why does BananaGuide care? 
Even with vastly improved treatments, HIV/AIDS remains a health threat. Though manageable with drugs, HIV is still incurable and can make for a lifetime of health complications. The use of condoms when fucking is the single most effective way to prevent  transmission of the virus during sex. 

Do bareback producers take precautions to make sure models have the same HIV status?
There is no consistent policy among bareback producers for pairing models. Some try to use only models that are HIV positive; others try to use only models that are HIV negative. Many test their models with the most advanced tests available;  others just ask models what their HIV status is and take them at their word. While some studios may state that they have a screening or testing policy, there is no way to verify this, aside from the reputation of the producer within the industry. With all of these "ifs" it's simply impossible to gage the true risk level when we see condomless fucking onscreen.

Can't HIV testing screen out HIV+ models? 
The most common form of HIV testing detects antibodies that the immune system has created to combat the virus. But during the earliest phase of HIV infection the body's immune system has not kicked in sufficiently to produce antibodies at a detectable level. Therefore someone who is recently infected can test negative yet still pass the virus to his partner. Most people develop detectable antibodies approximately 30 days after infection; the vast majority of people (97%) have detectable antibodies within 90 days.

There are more sensitive (and expensive) tests that look for the genetic material of HIV itself (rather than antibodies.) These are known as PCR tests and they will produce a positive test result within 15 to 30 days of infection.

The long and the short of it is that -- even with the best tests available -- just because someone tests negative doesn't mean he is negative.

What if both models are HIV+
While many HIV positive men choose to have unprotected sex with partners they know are also HIV positive, the problem with bareback porn is that we have no way of knowing if this is actually what is happening onscreen. For model privacy reasons, studios never make a statement that their models are HIV+, though sometimes you can guess by the reputation of the studio.

Can watching porn affect people's attitudes or sexual behavior?
We think that individual attitudes and behaviors are affected by media, including entertainment; safer sex on the screen reinforces the idea that sex with condoms is hot. We believe producers have an ethical obligation to provide information to viewers about their screening methods and the risks of unprotected sex. 

Why does BananaGuide have bareback galleries?
In March, 2012 we started to publish bareback gallery; as the years have passed, we have published more and more. The first reason is that now the majority of porn scenes being produced is bareback. We have to reflect this reality. The second reason is that with improved prevention and post- exposure treatments, the consequences of having raw sex are much less dire than they once were. 

While we do publish bareback galleries, we take a harm reduction approach, acknowledging the reality of HIV:
- there is no penetration shown in the main picture you see on the home page;
- galleries are labelled "Raw" in the title;
- the description is followed by a "About Bareback Porn" link to this page 

What can I do?
Porn is market-driven. As a consumer be aware that your choices do make a difference. Even if you do enjoy viewing bareback porn, try not to write off all the other great porn available to you just because of a little latex. And, of course, have safer sex.


YES - models use condoms in all fuck scenes.

MOST - models use condoms in most fuck scenes. 

SOME  - models use condoms in some fuck scenes. This can mean that the site has recently started adding bareback scenes or that some new scenes are bareback and others are condom. 

NO  - models do not use condoms in any fuck scenes

N/A - the site does not have hardcore scenes. 

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