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Review date: May 2023

According to Bait Buddies, straight guys are always getting conned into having gay sex. In fact it has happened on this site over 800 times -- and keeps happening every week! You might think these confused guys would be emotionally scarred for life, but they seem to have big smiles after their happy endings. And often, the "poor" straight guy seems to end up on the bottom.


The Bait Buddies tour provides a decent look at what paying members can expect from the site. As a non-member, click "Previews" to get to the entire video catalog. Choose any scene and you will get a series of thumbnails; click any thumbnail and a preview trailer will appear in a pop-up window. You can also search through the models on the site by clicking "The Guys."

There is a "limited" free membership available, but it really doesn't offer much more than the tour. Note that the 3-day trial is streaming only.


Bait Buddies' homepage is clear and easy to navigate. The latest video will appear at the top of the page, followed by six more recent clips. The "Most Viewed" and "Highest Rated" videos are also listed here. There's a search box and sort features for the videos and models, as well as category tags on the video pages.

The actual scene pages are a little confusing. The page is laid out with one master image and a series of thumbnails. You cannot, however, click on the thumbnails to get a full image; this will only open a pop-up window to stream the video. You must click on "Photo Gallery," listed next to scene "Description" to view screen shots.

Inside the model roster, the guy's profile picture is accompanied by a link to the videos he has appeared in. You can even sort the men by their classification as "bait" or "straight."

The Men and the Action

There are well over 900 models on the site, and the men come in a broad range of types matching every taste, from smooth college bottoms to masculine, muscular blue-collar studs. Relevant stats are provided for each model. Unlike some other straight seduction sites, the hetero guys are usually quite butch. Almost all of the scenes are shot indoors on a bed or couch.

A portion of every scene is dedicated to setting up the pitch that's given to the "straight" guy. Sometimes there is a real girl (fully clothed) coaching the boys and sometimes there is a trans-woman helping out. The set-up is crucial, and the interviews are part of the fantasy. But sometimes the scenes get too chatty and the yakking goes on too long. Bait Buddies strikes a nice balance between creating a credible fantasy and serving up the hardcore sex we came for.

Video Details

The vast majority of the videos are of excellent quality, particularly the ones labelled "HD MP4s." Older ones range from good to very good. The camera stays fairly static during the initial pitch to the straight guy, but as the guys begin to undress, the camera starts to move smoothly around them, zeroing in on their many attributes. The light and the audio quality are both very good, and the cumshots are almost always caught.

Averaging just under 40 minutes each, Bait Buddies' videos run longer than the usual porn scene. With over 800 scenes, and a new one added every week, your membership gives you many hours of straight-guy-on-gay-guy sex. Premium members may download and keep the videos for as long as they like.

The MP4 streams open up in a resizable window with a default size of 960x540 pixels.

For most of the scenes, MP4 downloads are available at 1280x720 pixels, 2,000 kbps for close to true high-definition playback. There is only one size available.

Screens: The site fully supports both Apple and Android mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets, streaming video in compatible video formats. The 720p MP4s look good on the big screen.

Image and Other Content

Each of Bait Buddies videos is accompanied by a huge image gallery. Images are average-sized and good quality, but you can't save individual ones and there's no slideshow. However you can opt to download entire image sets in a zip file.

For some reason, Bait Buddies decided to house their bonus content in a separate site called Island Porno. Click on the row of DVD box covers and you will be forwarded to the AEBN feed where you can select from a series of videos to watch. You need to login to Island Porn with your Bait Buddies login information.

Summing Up

If you like masculine straight guys in a classic bait and switch scenario, then Bait Buddies will definitely fuel your fantasies. How do they find guys to fall for this scheme who seem like the real deal -- and rarely if ever show up on other porn sites? We don't know, but its always a good chuckle! The site has plenty of videos, most in HD, with dependable updates. And to the best of our knowledge, no straight men were harmed in the making of these videos.

3 day: $14.50 (limited trial) (rebills @ $26.50)

30 day: $26.50 (rebills @ $22.50)

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Quality 27/33
Quantity 19/20
Personality 5/5
Video Options 5/6
Updates 4/6
Content 59/70
Tour 5/5
Usability 13/15
Fairness 5/5
Value 4/5
User-friendly 27/30

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Condoms: Some

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3 day: $14.50 (limited trial)
(rebills @ $26.50)

30 day: $26.50
(rebills @ $22.50)

Billed as:
CCBill.com *Chimera-Web

Bait Buddies is operated by Chimera-Web US and has been online since 2005.

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Gay Demon

816 (avg. 35 min.) DRM: Stream and Download
MP4 (stream); 960x540;  2000k 
MP4 (download); 1280x720;  2000k 

Photos - 816 sets of 300 images

Works well on desktop, laptop and mobile devices.

Unique theme.
Trial is streaming only.

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