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1763 (avg. 15 min.)  Stream and Download
MP4 (stream/dwnld); 1920x1080;  6000k  (15% of videos)

Photos - 1484 sets of 50 images

Some video can be streamed on mobile devices, but site design is for desktops.

Excellent price; tons of amateurs.
Partial redesign; few HD videos; limited search.

Review date: February 2022

While none of the action on Bi Latin Men is bisexual, it is full of enthusiastic sucking, fucking, and licking in over a thousand video episodes of very sexy, tight-bodied and smooth skinned young Latinos. There's also erotic art and stories, but these are minor compared to the great quality videos. At $13.95, monthly memberships are very reasonable and all videos can be downloaded or streamed, though there is a 20 GB daily download limit.


When you arrive on the first page of the tour, you'll see some sexy images and the headline: "Nude Latin Men - Updated 5x A Week". This is technically true but the updates include art, image sets and stories as well as videos.

There are free samples in the "Model Preview" section and you can also browse thumbnails through the "Movies" and "Pictures" indexes.

Note that there is a daily download limit of 20 GB, which isn't mentioned in the Terms and Conditions.


When the site was redesigned a few years ago, the changes only applied to the more recent updates in the "Movies" and "Pictures" sections; the older content still uses the old design.

The first page of both the "Movies" and "Pictures" indexes offer a collection of thumbnails, which open to a page containing both the video player and the image gallery. But when you go deeper into the indexes, the videos and picture galleries are separated into their own sections.

A model list, and model links would be a great addition to the site. You can select by model in the gallery section.

The Men and the Action

The models are all smooth and lean Latinos that fit tightly into the 18-24 age range. One after the other we see the guys paired up, or occasionally solo in crystal clear and beautifully shot videos. There is almost always a top with a bigger dick who is serviced and rimmed by an enthusiastic bottom. The bottom doesn't always cum but is left moaning and grateful by the masculine top.

Most of the videos either launch directly into action or offer brief set-ups, and then get into steamy solo jerking, or sucking, fucking, rimming and cum-eating. For a site with "Bi" in the name, there are almost no women on BiLatinMen. The “Bi” part is about the down-low nature of many hook-ups between guys in the Latin community. Whatever their sexual orientation, these guys are uniformly hot and they usually perform well in front of the camera.

Sadly, there is little bio information on the models, few interviews and no text descriptions of the action.

Video Details

In most videos, the playback quality of the video is good but as you access the oldest videos you'll find that the clarity drops and the chance of pixelation is greater. The videos are shot in mostly indoor settings and are well-lit. Suiting the amateur feel of the site, fancy effects and editing are avoided, and the camera is hand-held -- yet it always seems to catch the action at the right place and time. A signature of older Bi Latin Men videos is a slow-motion replay of the cumshot.

The performances are captured in over 1760 exclusive videos. This includes everything from ten-minute solo clips to multi-part duo and group scenes stretching to almost 30 minutes. Many of the hardcore scenes are divided into two to four clips and are not available full-length. There are two new videos added per week.

For about 40% of the videos, either MP4 or Quicktime (MOV) formats are an option to download or stream; very recent ones are 1920x1080, 2000 - 4000 kbps; older ones top out at 960x540 pixels; the rest are smaller with lower bitrates.

About 70% of the videos are in Windows Media format; very recent ones are 1024x576, 2000 kbps. Moving back in the catalog, the default size and bitrate drops (very old ones are just 320x240 pixels).

Real Media was the original video format on this site and the oldest videos are only in this format and are lower quality.

Screens: For recent videos, smaller MP4s will play on a mobile device though navigation is awkward. The MP4s available at 1024x576 pixels look reasonably good on the big screen, but the rest aren't suitable for play on a TV-sized screen.

Image and Other Content

In addition to its massive video archive, Bi Latin Men maintains 1484 image galleries featuring photos of its exclusive models. Many of the digital pictures in these galleries are of stunning quality. These models will likely be familiar to lovers of Latin men, but it’s nice to see them represented by complete photo-sets rather than a few scattered pics.

Even further image pages contain a collection of interestingly rendered and often quite funny gay cartoons (think: Tom of Finland in the barrio). There is also a collection of erotic fiction.

Summing Up

Filled to the max with tons of sexy, horny guys, Bi Latin Men is easily the web's largest collection of hot, young Latino amateurs. Despite a somewhat basic design and few HD videos, this total Latin testosterone fest is a great deal for only $13.95 a month.

30 day: $13.95 (rebills @ $13.95)

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Quality 25/33
Quantity 20/20
Personality 4/5
Video Options 5/6
Updates 5/6
Content 58/70
Tour 4/5
Usability 9/15
Fairness 5/5
Value 5/5
User-friendly 23/30

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Condoms: No
Some scenes are bareback.
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30 day: $13.95
(rebills @ $13.95)

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Bi Latin Men is operated by BLM Services and has been online since 2002.

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Gay Demon

1763 (avg. 15 min.) DRM: Stream and Download
MP4 (stream/dwnld); 1920x1080;  6000k  (15% of videos)

Photos - 1484 sets of 50 images

Some video can be streamed on mobile devices, but site design is for desktops.

Excellent price; tons of amateurs.
Partial redesign; few HD videos; limited search.

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