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640 (avg. 25 min.)  Stream and Download
MP4 (stream/dwnld); 1920x1080;  5000k  (35% of videos)

Photos - 640 sets of 35 images

Works well on desktop, laptop and mobile devices.

Lots of content; good personality.
Some updates are remastered older vids.

Review date: February 2018

When you become a member of Jake Cruise you already know you're in for an experience that is not common: hot, masculine young guys in full tilt action videos with an older man. Jake's been a performer on his own website for years and he loves what he does. The models really enjoy his shameless flattery, seriously deep throat, and vigorous fucking.

For a few years Jake tried to transition to working behind the camera, focusing more heavily on his other site "Hot Dads, Hot Lads." But he returned to his original site, which has tons of high quality streaming and downloadable videos. If you like younger/older pairings Jake Cruise could be the site for you.


Non-members can review all the content in "The Scenes" (videos), which includes 30-second video clips. You can also search the scenes through a category drop-down, or click through "My Men" to find a specific model. There are no previews of any of the galleries.


There isn't much to the site's navigation; you can browse through thumbnails in two different sections, each with its own search options. "The Scenes" (movies) includes a category drop down if you are looking for something specific, while "My Men" allows you to search by model name. It doesn't get much easier than that.

The Men and the Action

Jake Cruise has pretty unique credentials: he's a veteran porn producer and enthusiastic participant. That's a rare combination and Jake raises the bar for all the daddies out there who would like to bed hot younger guys for a living. Jake has a real talent for getting his boys rock hard and ready to fuck or to be fucked. For a couple of years he spent more time behind the camera and mostly focused on his other site, Hot Dads Hot Lads; however, in 2016, Jake Cruise started updating again with new content. a

Featured boys are mostly masculine and well-built, between 18-28; they love being massaged and serviced -- or diving right into the action. You'll no doubt recognize several well-known models, as well as some hot young newcomers. More information on each model would be nice.

Video Details

The quality of the videos at their default size is very good, with some loss on upsizing. Videos generally have very good lighting, clarity and sound and there are a variety of close-ups, angles, and poses. The cumshots are almost always caught.

There are almost 650 videos on Jake Cruise. They range from twenty to thirty-five minutes in length. New scenes are currently being added about every two weeks.

Jake Cruise videos stream and download in the MP4 format. A third of the videos -- the newest -- are 1920x1080 pixels with a bitrate of 5100 kbps. The older videos are 960x720 pixels with a bitrate of 2500 kbps.

Screens: The site has a responsive design and works well on mobile devices. Older videos have been upgraded to HD so they all look good when viewed on a big screen.

Image and Other Content

There are high-quality image galleries for all of the videos on the site. These may be video captures, or they may be a mix of digital pictures and vidcaps, but they are such good quality that it doesn't really matter. Annoyingly, you can only view the images as a slideshow, and there are no thumbnail previews available. One major bonus about the site is that members also get full access to its sister site, Hot Dads Hot Lads. This means an addition of almost 100 extra inter-generational sex vids for your viewing pleasure.

Summing Up

Jake Cruise is a sexy and personality-rich site. Friendly daddy Jake is skilled at putting his roster of muscular young studs at ease and there are lots of bonus videos in Hot Dads. The videos look good and this is definitely a top choice for older/younger pairings.

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Quality 28/33
Quantity 18/20
Personality 5/5
Video Options 4/6
Updates 2/6
Content 57/70
Tour 3/5
Usability 11/15
Fairness 5/5
Value 4/5
User-friendly 24/30

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Condoms: Some
Condoms not used in some fuck scenes.
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30 day: $24.95
(rebills @ $24.95)

30 day: $34.95
(no rebill)

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Jake Cruise is operated by Jake Cruise Media and has been online since 2002.

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Gay Demon

640 (avg. 25 min.) DRM: Stream and Download
MP4 (stream/dwnld); 1920x1080;  5000k  (35% of videos)

Photos - 640 sets of 35 images

Works well on desktop, laptop and mobile devices.

Lots of content; good personality.
Some updates are remastered older vids.

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