August 2, 2022 | Celeb Watch

Does Prince William like it up the butt?

Prince WilliamWhen "Prince of Pegging" began trending on Twitter last week, many of us were confused. Who are these people talking about? And what the heck is pegging?

Well, the man in question is Prince William. He's Queen Elizabeth's eldest grandson, and is married to Kate Middleton.

But William has, allegedly, been cheating on Kate. The cad!

According to some, though, she let's her man play with others. Why? Because apparently he is into being pegged. That's when a woman uses a strap-on dildo to work over a man's ass.

Before you get too excited, this doesn't make Willy gay. It just means he likes someone playing with his ass, as long as that someone has boobs and a vajayjay.

Back in 2018, UK paper Metro did a story on the sexual act:

According to a 2012 study published in the journal Sex Roles, clinging to traditional gender roles could make us feel less comfortable between the sheets, and research by sexuality educator Dr. Charlie Glickman also shows that straight men who had tried pegging were more in tune with what their female partner needed from them during penetration.

So pegging could not only give men a more intense orgasm, but it could possibly teach them a thing or two on how to pleasure women; basically, a win win.

Strap on dildo vibrator

You learn something new every day!

As for Prince William, he has not responded to the allegations, and they may be totally made up. You'll have to wait for his tell all book, Prince William: Getting to the Bottom of Things, to find out.

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