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MP4 (stream/dwnld); 960x540;  2000k  (30% of video)

Photos - 488 sets of 13 images

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Newest videos are true HD; impeccable men.
Video quality varies; upsells; 3 downloads per day.

Review date: December 2016

International porn director Kristen Bjorn has fully developed his studio's web presence after great success as a more traditional studio producer of high quality DVDs. In recent years the site has been nominated for Grabby awards in numerous categories, including Best Movie, Best Director, Best Duo, Best Group, and many more.

Bjorn makes movies starring real men: young Latin American, Czech, Hungarian, Spanish and Italian studs who are always hard, and always ready to fuck or be fucked. The website serves up over 1000 exclusive web episodes. Members are now allowed up to three downloads per day.


The Kristen Bjorn tour unfolds over one long graphically rich page that lists member benefits and showcases the masculine Euro-models for which the site is famous. There are three different types of scenes you can preview, including the latest, highest rated, and most viewed videos, for a total of two dozen high quality explicit preview clips.

The site map at the bottom of the page links you to all the different areas of the site but there are no more content samples: all clicks take you to the join page.


As a member, you can view over 1000 DRM-free videos that are listed in seven different categories under the content heading Web Videos. Although it may seem that the site has too many sections to it and lacks a single index which brings together all videos in a unified list, its important to remember that you're getting to stream and download video scenes from DVDs made "back in the day" as well as video updates just completed and posted in the current week.

There is also a list of categories, like condomless, uniforms, hairy, or double penetrations that group videos from all the different areas. So don't worry if the video you want to watch is listed under the "Casting Couch", "Movie Scenes" or "Makin' It" category, just watch and enjoy.

The Men and the Action

Bjorn finds stunning, masculine, muscular, men from around the globe, aged 19-35, with breathtaking faces and bodies -- and because they're from Europe you will rarely have seen them anywhere else. On DVD, Bjorn's classic titles include "Jungle Heat", "Carnival In Rio", "Island Fever", "Manwatcher" and many more. Over the years he has produced and directed more than 80 beautifully filmed DVD releases, telling lustful, exotic and romantic stories that are among the best-loved in porn.

The DVDs, and to a lesser extent the videos, have been shot in gorgeous locations all over the world, from Rio to Montreal, from Manhattan to Madrid. The web episodes are more modest in scope and shot mostly indoors depicting a fairly conventional sex scene between two guys. The key is his models, who are always hot, fit, and very well equipped.

Video Details

Playback quality of the videos varies from fair to excellent, depending on when the video was originally made, the bitrate it has been rendered at and whether you stream or download. There's a noticeable drop in playback quality for the videos older than five years. The lighting is excellent and the various camera angles and combination of medium and closeup shots seem natural and fluid as they follow and capture the action in a sensual and intuitive manner. There's also a sexy and romantic soundtrack accompanying many of the videos.

Your monthly memberships get you the following section:

Web Series 58 hardcore videos.
Casting Couch: 361 hardcore web episodes averaging 15 minutes in length. These are updated once weekly.
Makin' it: 253 behind-the-scenes and photo shoot videos from the sets of Kristen Bjorn. Updated once per week.
Movie Scenes: 320 scenes from Kristen Bjorn DVDs and two scenes from Lucas Kazan DVDs.
Reality Porn Scenes: 6 Falcon/Raging Stallion Scenes: 9 Lucas Kazan Scenes: 34 These total 1041 video scenes available for streaming or download.

Video options have improved since last review with the videos available to stream and download in MP4 format, though many downloads are mislabelled as 960x540 when they are actually much smaller. The streams come in two quality options, with more recent ones displaying at 960x540 pixels and older ones about 770x570 pixels. As for downloads, very recent ones are in true high-defintion, 1920x1080 pixels, 8,000 kbps. More typically, downloads top out at 960x540 pixels, ranging from 1600 to 2800 kbps, with the older ones (shot in standard-definition) 640x480 pixels, 1100 kbps. Note there's a daily download limit of three videos.

Screens: The site is now optimized for iPhone and iPad. Higher bitrate videos shot in HD look good on a TV-sized screen.

Image and Other Content

The site offers a member forum and a download-to-own feature for both individual scenes and current or classic DVD releases, though many of these are included with your membership with a limit of three per day.

Summing Up

You'll definitely appreciate the roster of absolutely stunning international models that populate the scenes from iconic Kristen Bjorn DVDs and the web exclusive videos though the video quality varies. You can now download and keep up to three scenes per day, though some scenes are streaming only and others cost extra if you want the top quality download. In the end, this high quality studio site delivers many hours of blazing sex that will keep you wanting more.

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Quality 28/33
Quantity 20/20
Personality 4/5
Video Options 6/6
Updates 2/6
Content 60/70
Tour 4/5
Usability 12/15
Fairness 4/5
Value 5/5
User-friendly 24/30

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Condoms: Some
Some newer scenes are bareback.
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BananaGuide Price
30 day: $24.95 $17.97
(rebills @ $29.95)

180 day: $56.97
(rebills @ $94.95)

Billed as:

Kristen Bjorn is operated by Kristen Bjorn Productions and has been online since 2004.

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1041 (avg. 15 min.) DRM: Stream and Download (daily download limit of 3 videos)
Most recent videos are 1080p HD
MP4 (stream/dwnld); 960x540;  2000k  (30% of video)

Photos - 488 sets of 13 images

Works well on desktop, laptop and mobile devices.

Newest videos are true HD; impeccable men.
Video quality varies; upsells; 3 downloads per day.

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