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Banana Guy for January: Rhyheim Shabazz

rhyheim shabazz gay porn

Well, 2021 is finally here, which means a new month, a new year, and a new Banana Guy! Helping us celebrate: the one and only Rhyheim Shabazz!

Born and raised in New Jersey, it is easy to see why Shabazz has such a devoted (and large) fanbase. At 6’3, coming in at a lean 185 lbs, and boasting impressive size 11 feet, he's a whole lot of man!

He is also up for several awards this year, including Best Duo Scene and Best Quarantine Scene (GayVNs), Performer of the Year and Best Duo Scene (Str8UpGayPorn), Best Sex Scene (XBiz), and Performer of the Year and Best Social Media Star (Fleshbot).

rhyheim shabazz porn

Most active on his fan sites, he actually got discovered because of his amateur porn.

"I was introduced to Tim Kruger [TimTales] by Andy Star," he explained. "I’d posted my amateur video with Andy and I guess a lot of people liked it."

And he's really only in the biz because he's having such a good time.

"Everything is new and a bit interesting to me. The learning process is what’s fun (maybe because things are working). I can’t say that I would have lasted a week if the response were mostly negative.

"I’m really clueless when it comes to the workings of the professional porn industry. I mean I’m wiser now but I’m no expert. From my perspective, it’s like every other industry… in a constant state of change. There’s a creativity and art that I feel people are embracing but it’s easily overshadowed by the greed and ego of a few."

Rhyheim Shabazz

Personal faves in the biz?

He shared: "I love Andy Star to death. He’s smart in a way that’s hard to describe, yet sexy in a way that’s obvious. He’s also just a sweet person all around. Just days ago, I met Sean Zevran for the first time. He is EVERYTHING in so many ways that I get warm inside thinking of words that would describe him. Sean embodies what I’d want in not just a companion, but also a friend and a human being. He’s so unaffected by the admiration for him that he breaks a sweat just to accept a compliment."

Sean Zevran gets rammed by Rhyheim Shabazz - Cocky Boys

And though he makes porn, Shabazz admitted that he's rather fuck than watch people fuck.

He told Str8UpGayPorn: "I was never so much into porn as much as I was into actually having sex. A friend would always give me a hard drive with porn that he’d downloaded from his favorite sites, so I don’t think that I was ever the type to really seek it out.

"When I did watch, I preferred it to be as real as possible. [...] If it had a script, or if the actors were glossed with make-up, the sex scene wouldn’t really do much for me. Nothing against a lot of the studios out there, but watching a lot of their actors perform was kinda like watching bad dancers on the dance floor. No matter how sexy the actor was, when I would hear their fake moans and see their boring movements, I found myself thinking, 'What the hell are they doing?'"

Jay Michaels, Jonathan Miranda, Rhyheim Shabazz

“I am an exhibitionist but in a different way," he said. "Yeah. Having sex and all of those things, yeah, I can go all in without a problem. Sometimes it even surprises me looking at the movies. I remember, just before I filmed, thinking, ‘How am I going to do this? I’m not in the mood to film,’” he muses. “Most of my movies I like to put the attention on the other person. … I learned that it works.”

He continues, “Everyone always asks me what is it that I like most about doing porn. I think it’s interesting for me. Because the way I shoot my movies is the way that I have sex. And it’s interesting that people took to my movies because of the way that I have sex. And I don’t know, it’s almost like an instructional video for people. I’m looking at a lot of porn in the past and it lacked intimacy. So it’s nice to feel like I’m teaching people how to be intimate.”

Rhyheim fucks Oscar Marin - Raw - Tim Tales

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