September 30, 2019 | Sex & Society

Some bling ... for your ding-a-ling

Alan CrocettiDesigner Alan Crocetti has created an interesting accessory for his new collection.
During Paris Fashion Week, the London-based designer included a chastity cage encrusted with gems. The sparkly sex denier comes with an actual, workable lock, so it's pretty and functional. It's a shame all that bling will be hidden beneath your pants.
Not into the real deal? Crocetti has made smaller chastity charms to wear on a chain around your neck. 
Crocetti claimed he included the pieces in his collection as a way to "[contemplate] the multiple realities and layers of the human experience." 
"As I represented on the chastity devices and chastity necklace, morality reduces human desire to the dichotomy of sex as corruption," Crocetti explained. "As a designer, I personally felt push backs for expressing my take on sex and sensuality. Despite relying on romance, art, and poetry, my work has been constantly censored by social media platforms as if my photos could corrupt and desensitize individuals away from preconceived notions of sacred intimacy."
When the pieces will be available for purchase, and how much they will cost, has not been revealed. Until then, you'll just have to hold your willy in your hands to keep it out of trouble!
Gem-encrusted chastity cage
Alan Crocetti gem encrusted chastity cage

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