August 27, 2019 | Sex & Society

Lara Spencer makes fun of ballet loving prince

Lara SpencerLara Spencer, one of the hosts of Good Morning America, learned that you must never make fun of either Prince George or boys who like dancing.

The whole kerfuffle started last Thursday while Spencer was talking about how the son of Prince William and Kate liked ballet.

"In addition to the usual first or second grade things, like math, science and history, the future King of England will be putting down the Play-Doh to take on religious studies, computer programming, poetry and ballet, among other things," she said, starting to giggle.
"You couldn’t contain ... oh, he looks so happy about the ballet class,” she continued, as her co-hosts started to laugh. "Prince William says Prince George absolutely loves ballet. I have news for you, Prince William: We'll see how long that lasts."
The backlash was swift.
"Wake up," wrote choreographer and dancer Travis Wall. "It’s 2019. Get with the program. Please share and repost this so a boy who needs to see this feels supported if he dances or wants to!"
Even Gene Kelly's widow weighted in on the debate.
"In 1958, my late husband, the dancer, director, choreographer Gene Kelly, decided to take on the stigma facing male dancers in an Omnibus television program for NBC that he created and starred in called Dancing, A Man’s Game," Patricia Ward Kelly shared on Facebook. "He hoped that by aligning the great sports stars of the day -- Mickey Mantle, Johnny Unitas, Vic Seixas, Sugar Ray Robinson, among others -- he could challenge and destroy the shame surrounding male dancers once and for all."
She added: "That host Lara Spencer would mock a boy’s study of ballet in a nationally televised morning show and that her colleagues would join in her derision is both unacceptable and incomprehensible."
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Over the weekend, Spencer said she was sorry. And on Monday morning during Good Morning America, she continued to apologize.
“I screwed up,” she said. “The comment I made about dance was stupid and insensitive and I am deeply sorry.”
She then shared an interview with three male dancers -- Wall, Robbie Fairchild and Fabrice Calmels in hoping to turn the event into a "teachable moment."
We'll give the last "word" to Mark Kanemura and Aaron Nelson ...

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