July 13, 2019 | Sex & Society

Tom Goss explores open relationships in new single

Tom GossTom Goss is getting very personal in his latest single, “Quayside”. 
The song is about Goss' experience finding how he's working through a real life polyamorous relationship.
“‘Quayside’ explores an entirely new set of boundaries that I encountered when visiting my lover at his home on a quayside in London for the first time,” Goss said. “I was concerned about being respectful to him, and his public (or daily life with his husband) while still being respectful to my own husband, and the love we’ve fostered for so many years.” 
Goss and his partner decided to open up their relationship in the last three years. The decision was not an easy one.
"I spent a lot of time struggling with that, and a lot of time just being really introspective<" Goss admitted. "...A whole bunch of those internal constructs that you believe are innate to you, you start questioning. Are these innate to me or are these something that’s learned? Is this a learned behavior?"
The new album, Territories, was a way to express some of the emotional ups and downs of his new journey.
“And [Territories] really puts a spotlight on the openness of the opening of the relationship, and the falling in love with another person, and the wanting to be respectful of that person, and wanting to be respectful of my husband, and wanting to be respectful of me, and wanting to be respectful of my lover,” he explained. “It has been all of these things and it just becomes a mind f*ck very quickly.
“I’m so proud of this record -- I’ve never heard anything like it. And, I’ve never shied away from saying something ‘different’ in my career.” 
You can read more about his relationship and his album here.
You may remember Goss from one of his earlier songs, written as a love letter to bigger, hairier men ...

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