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Jace Zhu versus Noir Male

Jacen Zhu
Last week, porn star Jacen Zhu revealed that he would no longer be working with Noir Male, the relatively new studio that promises to showcase "black men as sensual, sexual, and unapologetically fine.”
“I stop[ped] working for Noir Male when I woke up,” Zhu tweeted. “When I saw that everything was a lie and I would like to apologize for [helping] the wolves in suits to sell this lie. Wake up y’all and see it’s not about us.
“I’m not angry. I just sat back and watched as the aspiration didn’t meet the reality. We are being used to sell a product that doesn’t cater to our community.”

He alleged that the site, which promised not to rely on stereotypes of black man, was doing just that. For example, he was asked to play a parolee who was expected to have sex with his parole officer.

He explained: “I said, ‘Hey, that’s not cool, that’s going to be problematic,’ and Chi Chi [Larue, the site founder] said, ‘Well, when I write these things, I don’t think about that.’ Putting the pieces together, I realized that they don’t care and I need to separate myself from this.”

Jacen Zhu

Noir Male has now responded to the accusations.

“We were slightly shocked by Jacen’s comments, but respect his personal and professional choices, and wish him the best," the site said. "We have loved working with him and even tried to get him involved in the creative process when he voiced concerns in the past as to representation; however there was no continued follow through on his end. We always ask performers to come to us with any ideas or concerns; we want this to be a studio that performers are proud of and represent MOC (men of color) in a positive light.
“We are disappointed that he took to Twitter to state he no longer wanted to film with us, but we respect his decision. If any other performers have concerns we hope they would seek us out and communicate directly to us so we can work to find positive solutions. In fact, we are always looking for new writers and creative consultants to ensure our site is inclusive and groundbreaking.”
Zhu is quite the hunk, so you have definitely not seen the last of him. Check out his galleries here!

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