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BoyCrush owner "retiring" following allegations of rape

Boyrcush OwnerThere is a major #metoo moment going on within the gay porn industry as several young models from have come forward alleging terrible abuse at the hands of the site's owner, Bryan Schwandt.

Four models have shared their stories, including Kadence Pinder, Ethan Steele, Justin Stone and Cole Claire

Pinder, a trans model, actually spoke out about being assaulted last year during an interview with Gay Star News. At the time, she did not mention the name of the studio or director she said raped her.

She said that she met the man in order to audition. However, it turned into an assault in the middle of a photoshoot.

“He told me to turn around and just like do a sexy pose," she said at the time. "So I turned around and that’s when I heard him pull down my underwear and he put his dick inside of me -- and then he just started to go to town. He literally rammed it inside of me and started going. It was really painful, it hurt really bad. I wasn’t aroused, I wasn’t excited -- it was so uncomfortable.”

However, in a YouTube video she named the alleged abuser: BoyCrush's owner Bryan Schwandt.

Str8UpGayPorn asked him about the accusation. Schwandt admitted he slept with Pinder, and though it was wrong it was consensual.

Ethan Steele came forward this month, claiming that Schwandt expected sexual favors in return for work. He said that once he stopped giving into Schwandt, he was no longer being cast for scenes.

And then Justin Stone revealed an even darker experience, sharing an emotional tweet in which he accused the BoyCrush owner of drugging him before assaulting him. Stone added: "I will not let this go. I will get justice for those ..." 

Cole Claire is the latest model to call Schwandt out. 

Cole Claire

"Bryan is a sick and disgusting pervert that tries to stick his dick in every new model's mouth," he tweeted. 'Including me, back in November 2015."

Well, Schwandt has decided to call it quits. He announced this week he is retiring from BoyCrush while still maintaining he did not assault anyone. He did concede, however, to making mistakes.

".. I have ran [sic] the studio in an unprofessional way, sleeping with and dating models," he wrote. "I want to apologize to all the models over the years that I have treated poorly or that have had a bad experience here."

He said Philip Ashton will move from directing and filming to actually running the company.

Porn models should never be expected to put out for producers and directors. It is past time for #metoo in this industry.

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