December 28, 2017 | Arts / Entertainment

Eli Lieb releases “Next To You"

Eli Lieb is an openly gay singer and songwriter who isn't afraid to explore his sexuality in his music and videos.

However, he doesn't think his sexuality alters what he writes about.

"It doesn’t impact my work as an artist at all," he once explained. "The only moment when it does is when it comes time to film a video, I’m like, 'Oh! I have to have a guy in this, because it’s a love song and that’s accurate to my life.'
"But when I actually write music … the creative process has nothing to do with my sexuality other than the fact that I can get entangled with people in the same way that anybody can get entangled with a person. When I think of myself, my sexuality isn’t the defining part of who I am as a musician. I haven’t written about the struggles of being gay because I’ve personally never felt that."
He has only released one full album so far, the self-titled Eli Lieb in 2011. However, he has released several singles over the years, often partnering with other out men, like Steve Grand (for "Look Away") and Brandon Skeie (for "Pulse").

He's also an award winner, taking home "Best in Show" and "Best Original Song" for the single "Safe in my Hands at the 2015 American Music Producers Awards for Music and Sound.

Fans will be happy to know that he's got something new to share. This is the video for his latest single, "Next To You," and it explores the emotional distance that two men in a relationship can experience.

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