November 21, 2017 | Hotties

Justice League showdown: most fuckable costumed hunk?

Justce League hunks

Batman. Aquaman. The Flash. Cyborg. Now that's an orgy we'd love to watch!

Of course, these hunks were part of this past weekend's big blockbuster Justice League, where the sexy foursome join up with their gal pal Wonder Woman to save the world. 

With a North American take of $94 million on its opening weekend, the movie was considered both a success and a flop. It was the number one movie, true, but it was expected to do so much better.

Still, seeing all those skin-tight suits and half-naked bodies is sure to inspire many a fan boy's wet dream. If you could get into a little cosplay fun with the actual actor from each role, who would you most like to play with?

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