November 4, 2017 | Sex & Society

Kenyan official is really upset about this gay "pride"

EZEKIEL MUTUAWhat could be more magical than two male lions in love? The two cats were caught cavorting in Kenya's Masai Mara, and the images went viral.
'This [...] was astonishing," said photographer Paul Goldstein, who captured images of the moment. "I normally loathe any sort of humanising with animals and our documentary channels are full of it, but this was not only surprising but it was impossible not to smile.
"When lions mate it normally last a few seconds, these two were at it for over a minute and the obvious affection afterwards was very evident, as opposed to the violent withdrawal when male and female mate. Even as he dismounted he did not back off as is normal after mating, he crept round to the other male's muzzle, for a nuzzle and threw a conspiratorial wink his way."
That should have been the end of the story.
But of course, there are always going to be people who overreact, and the country's "moral police" are accusing gay men who visit the park of "influencing' the animals" behavior. 
Dr Ezekiel Mutua, head of the Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB), is so upset he wants the homosexual cats caught, put into isolation and studied to determine how they caught the gay!
Mutua has some ideas, though; either the lions watched gay men having sex and decided to give it a good ol' college try, or they were possessed by demons.
"These animals need counseling, because probably they have been influenced by gays who have gone to the national parks and behaved badly," Dr Mutua told Nairobi News. "They must have copied it from somewhere or it is demonic. Because these animals do not watch movies."
Sadly, same-sex relations in the country are illegal. Homosexuals face up to 14 years in prison, though what a court case involving animals would look like is anyone's guess.
Sadly for Mutua, he just can't get away from all this pesky gay stuff; earlier this week he banned Disney's Andy Mack because one of the characters came out as gay.
“Any attempt to introduce gay programming in Kenya," he said, "will be met with the full force of the law."
Maybe the lions are God's way of trying to tell you something? 

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