November 8, 2017 | Hotties

It's going to be a very hot 2018

It's true: in less than two months it will be a brand new year!

And even though we all have smartphones, tablets and computers to keep track of our appointments, it's nice to dedicate a small spot on your kitchen wall for an old-school calendar. Not only are the one's listed below filled with hot images of sexy men, they are also being sold to help a variety of good causes!

Red Hot British Boys

Red Hot British Men 2018

Now in its 5th year -- with 11 exhibitions, 4 calendars, 2 coffee table books and donations of over £50,000 to various charities under its belt -- Red Hot returns, bringing you the sexiest British ginger lads. 

The proceeds from this calendar will be going to Movember Foundation’s Testicular Cancer Awareness, an organization that promotes men’s health.

We're seeing red ... and we like it!


The Naked Rugby Players

The Naked Rugby Players

A total of 56 guys from six rugby teams around Britain got starkers (naked) to shoot a calendar to help raise awareness of the importance of guys checking their tackle for lumps and bumps.

“Turning up to each club was a challenge as we didn’t know who the players would be, or how comfortable they’d be when we asked them to strip and get up close to pose with each other," explained photographer Monty McKinnen. "It turned out in the end they didn’t need much encouragement to derobe. In fact at one club we turned around to find them all [standing] there naked on the pitch before I’d even got the camera out!

He added: "I hope this calendar empowers guys to check their packages more often and to feel comfortable talking about male cancers.”

We'd be happy to help them check their packages!


Heart Throbs and Hounds

Heart Throbs and Hounds calendar

Mark Ruiz is a photographer who really loves two things: hot men and cute puppies. He decided to put them both together for his 2018 calendar Heart Throbs and Hounds

“What inspired me [to shoot this calendar] is the dire need of millions of animals that need loving homes,” Ruiz revealed. Proceeds from this calendar will be shared between Fur Friends In Need, an animal adoption agency in New York and New Jersey, and Lilo’s Promise, a pit bull rescue shelter.

We'd certainly give some of these men a bone!

Heart Throbs and Hounds




If you like your men a little meatier, a little hairier and with a fish tail instead of legs, then this is the calendar for you! The pictures are of the proudly hirsute members of the Newfoundland and Labrador Beard & Moustache Club.

"People love that there's a bunch of burly guys being very vulnerable in this whimsical calendar," group founder Hasan Hai said. "[The images are] really poking a lot of holes at traditional gender roles and stereotypes."

Proceeds from the calendar will go to Spirit Horse NL, a project that relies on equine therapy to help people with mental health issues.

"They're desperately in need of funds and awareness because it's expensive to raise and upkeep horses," Hai explained. "I figured right away that this is a cause our club can get behind."

Talk about getting some tail!


Dieux Du Stade

Dieux Du Stade

And, of course, no list of sexy calendars would be complete without mentioning Dieux Du Stade!

This calendar actually got its start back in 2001 and initially focused on a group of sexy rugby players. However, over the years the images have included athletes from a variety of sports, including football, handball and boxing.

Proceeds from the calendar will be used to support the "Breast Cancer, let's talk about it!" organization.

Do you think these "gods of the stadium" are also "gods in the bedroom"? We'd love to find out.

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