November 2, 2017 | Arts / Entertainment

Queer singer pulls music video directed by an alleged abuser

Shamir2017 is quickly becoming the year that society issued a collective "enough is enough" to sexual predators.

Hollywood's Harvey Weinstein was the first to fall, with women still coming out to detail their own experiences with the famed movie producer. He said would get help and went to therapy ... for a week. 

Others have been accused, including Jeremy Piven, Dustin Hoffman and Brett Ratner. The news even touched those within the gay community when Anthony Rapp accused Kevin Spacey of sexual assault. Spacey apologized, but others have come out with similar claims about the actor.

Queer artist Shamir is also confronting the issue head on after learning that the video for his latest single, "Straight Boy," was directed by and starred an alleged abuser.

"So I had to take down the 'Straight Boy' video because as it turns out the actor and director in the video is an abuser... I know.. the irony," he tweeted.

He was informed through a YouTube comment that Ryan Carpenter allegedly raped a woman. He approached Carpenter and was not satisfied with his reaction.

"A while back he actually told me a story where someone accused him of abuse in college, but apparently it was all a misunderstanding," Shamir told OUT. "He talked it out with the school police, and the authorities, and the person, and everything was sorted. I also was with his friend from college, and his friend concurred." 

When asked if the YouTube note referred to incident, Carpenter allegedly replied, “I guess. I don’t know.”
"I cut all ties with him, told him I was going to get rid of the video, took down the video, and made my statement this morning," Shamir explained. "I said [to him], 'This is horrible. You’re obviously an alleged rapist. I don’t know your reputation back home because we met in Brooklyn.' We filmed the video in LA, and I went to Florida once, so I don’t know his reputation. I didn’t know. I wouldn’t have worked with him.”
Shamir has since posted a new, accoustic version of the song to replace the one he took down.

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