November 2, 2017 | Funny Bits

John Oliver just doesn't understand what's going on in Australia

Like so many people around the world, John Oliver is confused about the way Australian politicians are dragging their feet on the issue of same-sex marriage.

As the comedian pointed out, polls indicate that two-thirds of Aussies support gay marriage. However, the country's government still decided to go ahead with a $122 million non-binding and completely voluntary postal survey on the issue.
To make matters worse, Oliver highlighted some the rhetoric being used by the "No" side of the debate. He mentioned Liberal MP Kevin Andrews, who said marrying a man would be like marrying his cycling buddies.
“Yeah, I mean, we do fuck,” Oliver said with an Australian accent. “We finish cycling, we slowly peel our cycling clothes off by the side of the bucolic country road and we fuck, but that’s not marriage, that’s fucking your cycling mate. You cycle, you fuck. It’s not marriage though.”
He also poked fun at Sophie York, who argued that gay marriage should have a different name, like “garriage."
“That is a stupid word,” Oliver said. “Except in the very rare case of a marriage between two men and named Gary, in which case, obviously they should be getting ‘garried’.”
Check out Oliver's take on the whole affair below ...

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