August 2, 2017 | Arts / Entertainment

"Roseanne" will introduce network TV's first non-binary character

Roseanne revivalMany people forget that, long before Will & Grace was introducing middle-America to two somewhat celibate gay men, Roseanne (created by comedian Roseanne Barr) was showing support for the LGBT community.

Roseanne's boss Leon came out during a poker game with her husband Dan and his friends. Nancy (played by Sandra Bernhard) revealed she was a lesbian and introduced her girlfriend Marla (Morgan Fairchild). Roseanne even gets a kiss in a gay bar from a gal named Sharon (Mariel Hemingway).

And neither Leon nor Nancy were one time characters, becoming part of the fabric of the show over several seasons.

Like Will & Grace, Roseanne is coming back to TV. The show, with most of the original cast returning, will air sometime in 2018 on ABC. And although few details are known -- like how the show will bring back Dan, who happened to die in the series' final season -- we do know that, once again, it will include a queer storyline.

Roseanne's daughter Darlene and son-in-law David will have two kids. One of them will be a 9-year-old "gender creative" named Mark.

A casting call went out recently looking for a kid who can play “sensitive and effeminate” and “displays qualities of both young female and male traits.”

This is significant as it will be the first gender-fluid character on network television. 

Of course, cable TV has already gone there. Actor Asia Kate Dillon plays non-binary Taylor on Showtime’s Billions.

Love her or hate her, Roseanne has been a consistent ally. 

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