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With over 825 excellent quality videos and superb digital photography, English Lads is one of the top sites for British amateurs.

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824 (avg. 30 min.)  No DRM; downloads available after 30 days.
WMV (download); 1920x1080;  6000k  (5% of videos)
MP4 (download); 1920x1080;  6000k  (5% of videos)
Flash (stream); 960x540;  ?_k  (40% of videos)

Photos - 824 sets of 400 images

Video can be streamed on mobile devices, but site design is for desktops.

Upgraded videos; excellent photos; many video options.
Streaming-only access for first 30 days; security questions for new members.

Review date: February 2014

English Lads has been in relentless pursuit of perfection during the nine years since its launch, showcasing fit and handsome English studs week after week. Among the more than 420 models featured in over 825 very high quality videos and almost 330,000 professional quality digital photos, odds are you'll be impressed. Much of the back catalog has been re-mastered to current top standards, something few big sites bother to do. The site also has navigation that works flawlessly, regular updates and -- of course -- sexy men who enjoy what they do.

That said, you can download videos only after you have started your second month as a member (and videos older than five years only after you have started your fifth month). There are also security hoops for new members to jump through. In spite of these requirements, English Lads is still a great porn site.


As you scroll down the non-members homepage you'll find that rows of small sample images for video updates alternate with those for photo updates, most recent first, 15 episodes per page, for over a hundred pages. To about halfway back in the catalog, you can pick any one of the video episodes and you'll be taken to a page that contains a preview clip and links to the model's pages, along with a description of what happened the day of the shoot. For the older half of the catalog, there are no preview clips available to watch, but there's still lots to look at.

When you click to a page for one of the photo updates you'll find find four high quality images; these do not open to larger sized images. There's also a link to the model's own page, giving you a little gallery of nine images that do open to larger pics. On this same page there's also a few stats on the guy, and links to the videos and photo shoots he's performed in.


English Lads has a pleasant blue, white and red color scheme. The homepage is the start of the main index, with preview photos for the most recent video and photo updates. While the site has many search and sort options, they are not presented in the most intuitive way.

The Men and the Action

The over 420 models range from twinks, to collegiate guys, to sporty guys in trackies, to muscular top-lads, ages 18-26. Along with miles of foreskin and some truly enormous wieners, you'll find dreamy solo videos, fun with toys, hot duo, three-way and group videos -- and great foot-shots. Those English accents can be boner-inducing too, whether they're from Lancashire or London. Click on the "Top Lads" to see the 25 guys that members go nuts about. In the latest twist, the camera is turned over to the model, who films himself. In the finished video you'll see a cool split screen effect.

Video Details

The viewing quality of the videos ranges from good to excellent. Even the oldest videos have a professional quality of lighting, sound and composition. The camera moves fluidly around the model's body and pulls in tight on details and body parts. But at times the model interviews run a bit too long and the videographer tends to chat with the model throughout the video. We're not blown away by the "helping hand" and "helping mouth" that appears in a number of video segments, though this can play to some viewers' fantasies. Some videos are also also punctuated by camera flashes and pops. All of the above can be partly fixed by skipping the full-length video and watching the shorter version instead.

The site boasts over 825 exclusive videos, and English Lads has a frequent update schedule of six new video segments per month, plus a couple of bonus behind-the-scenes shoots. Most of the videos are offered as shorter versions of around 16 minutes and full length versions of up to 30 minutes

Video is offered in Windows Media, MP4 and, more recently, Flash formats. You are also given a choice of up to five sizes. As previously noted you can download only after your first rebill (ie after being a member for 30 days); as well, videos that have been on the site more than five years can only be downloaded after 120 days of being a member.

Streams are available in Windows Media and Flash, with a top size of 960x540 or 960x720 pixels. They open in new windows, so are fully resizable.

The most recent 30% of Windows Media downloads have true high-definition playback with a top bitrate of 6,000 kbps, sized at 1440x800 pixels and (very recently) 1920x1080 pixels. Moving back in the catalog the top bitrate drops to 1900 kbps; the majority of these play at a size of 960x540 or 960x720 pixels.

Quicktime (MP4) downloads have a top size of 960x540 or 960x720 pixels, with a bitrate of over 2,000 kbps (though the 5% newest are 1920x1080, 6,000 kbps).

Screens: The MP4s will play on iPhones or iPads , but the site does not have a version that is set up for easy mobile navigation. All those labelled X-Large or XXL look great on a TV screen.

Image and Other Content

If you're into sexy photos, you'll be impressed. There are almost 330,000 crystal-clear digital images on English Lads. Every body part is lovingly photographed. You have the option of two photos sizes and there's a great slide-show option. But you have to be a member for 120 days to access zip files of the photos, though as an added incentive you also get access to supersized versions of the pics at that point.

There are a few additional bells and whistles on English Lads, including a newsletter, a blog, a voting system for rating your favorite lad, and lots of behind-the-scenes videos.

Summing Up

English Lads' fulfills the most important conditions of gay porn: lots and lots of hot guys in spectacular quality videos and beautiful digital pictures, all featured in a site that looks great and has good personality. While you must be a member for over 30 days to download, the amount and quality of content is well worth remaining a member for many months.

30 day: $29.95 (rebills @ $27.95)

30 day: $36.95 (no rebill)

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Quality 30/33
Quantity 18/20
Personality 5/5
Video Options 5/6
Updates 5/6
Content 62/70
Tour 4/5
Usability 11/15
Fairness 5/5
Value 5/5
User-friendly 25/30

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Condoms: Yes
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30 day: $29.95
(rebills @ $27.95)

30 day: $36.95
(no rebill)

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English Lads is operated by Zone 8 Media Ltd. and has been online since 2004.