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There are some erotic masterpieces among the excellent quality, frequently updated videos at Cocky Boys.

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740 (avg. 20 min.)  No DRM
MP4 (stream/dwnld); 1280x720;  3000k 
WMV (download); 1280x720;  3000k 
QuickTime (download); 1280x720;  3000k 

Photos - 384 sets of 17 images
Vidcaps - 744 sets of 35 images

Video can be streamed on mobile devices; upgrade for a full mobile-friendly version of the site.

All videos are in high-definition; many format choices.
Cam boy ads in members' area; oldest videos are more conventional

Review date: September 2015

Cocky Boys is a true phenomenon: videos that are beautifully filmed and edited, often with spellbinding story lines and highly charged eroticism that moves at a measured pace. And this focus on quality has yielded impressive results: all the videos are in high-definition and are available in several formats, including mobile. There's a talented roster of hot guys, exclusive new videos are added twice a week, and many actually tell stories along with the sex. But be aware: the cam boys option is an upsell and will definitely cost extra.


The Cocky Boys tour lets you see a graphic for every episode and for each model. For the first four or five that you choose, click on the arrow inside the graphic and an explicit video clip will play. After that you can look but don't touch because if you click on the episode you'll be taken to the join page. The tour is much more constricted than it used to be, following a trend across the porn world to limit preview clips in the tours of memberships sites. One small bonus: go to the Feature Films area and you can watch clips for the studio's seven story-driven porn epics.


The design of the site is state-of-the-art with a flexible width that will fit most any screen. The navigation is clear and intuitive, with lots of large graphics to draw the viewer in. Under a large banner proclaiming New Releases you'll find images for 10 recent episodes. Mouse over an image and a description of the scene will slide up to tempt you with the details of yet another sexy hook-up. Further down the same page you'll get a taste of Most Popular Scenes. Back to the top for the model index and an area you won't want to miss called "Feature Films." While the models are well cross-referenced and there is a general search box, the only category search is by the very minimal topic tags on each video (and why the need to ask users for tag suggestions?)

The Men and the Action

The site has attracted a who's who of hot young porn actors, ranging in age from 18 to 28. The list of past and current "names" is long and impressive, but even among the newbies the thing that ties these guys together is that they're not shy and inexperienced -- you might call them cocky! Some may be young but they fuck like pros, and look great doing it. In the older videos shot in L.A., the settings were at beautiful homes in the Hollywood Hills, around the pool, or in luxurious interiors. The N.Y.C. shoots take a jump in innovation, location, and quality, epitomized by the "Feature Films" - full length videos of forty minutes and up that combine plot points, humor, and sex in everything from horror to reality TV situations.

You'll find guys solo, or in charged up suck, fuck, and rim sessions, sitting on a big toy or getting enthusiastically rimmed, there's even passionate kissing! There is also a good mix of power bottoms, powerful tops and big dicks. That's not to say that the sex is particularly unusual or full of fetishes.The focus is on the guy's personality and on the pairings of models that can generate a lot of heat and chemistry. The model index has stats to keep you informed, the videos have detailed text descriptions, and many include several minutes of interview time.

Video Details

As mentioned above, every video is not just shot in high-definition, but rendered in high-def as well, for overall excellent viewing quality. There is a high degree of clarity and sharpness in these videos, along with great lighting and professional camera work, as we see various angles, poses, and close-ups. Under the new owners, the most recent 330 videos are stunningly shot in various locations using story lines and real cinematic techniques that heighten the erotic appeal. The oldest, L.A. based videos have slightly less impact as they are one camera shoots and occasionally the light is not optimum or a cumshot could be better captured.

Over the past year Cocky Boys has been right on time with their twice weekly updates. It now has 619 videos, averaging about 20 minutes in length. So this is a good deal, with two full updates weekly. There is a search function, and there's no DRM on the videos.

The site offers an excellent selection of streaming and download options.

You can stream or download in MP4 format, the topmost of which is "Large HD" (3000 kbps; 1280x720). The embedded player, which starts as soon as you go to a video page, displays the video at 960x540 pixels, which you can upsize to full-screen.

You can also download in Quicktime (MOV) and Windows Media formats in the small, medium, or HD sizes.

Screens: The videos will stream on an iPhone or iPad. The highest quality videos look good when streamed to a TV screen.

Image and Other Content

For each video, you'll find complementary images, averaging 35 images per set. These are good quality screen grabs, ranging in size from 1280x720 to 640x480 pixels. In addition, all the videos from the last few years s include a small image gallery averaging 17 digital pictures which is called On Set Images. Zip downloads are available for images in three sizes up to 1600 pixels wide. There's also a slideshow feature.

Summing Up

Cocky Boys serves up a mix of very sexy porn stars and new-to-porn amateurs, all who have distinct personalities and a certain "cocky" attitude, which definitely leads to some intense and memorable scenes often in imaginative, plot-driven videos. The design is fun, the quality of the videos is excellent, the array of video format choices is generous and it really is refreshing to see a site proclaim that sex is something to cherish and enjoy.

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Quality 29/33
Quantity 18/20
Personality 4/5
Video Options 5/6
Updates 5/6
Content 61/70
Tour 4/5
Usability 13/15
Fairness 5/5
Value 4/5
User-friendly 26/30

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Condoms: Yes
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Cocky Boys is operated by Media Partners LLC and has been online since 2007.