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672 (avg. 20 min.)  Stream and Download
MP4 (download); 1920x1080;  5000k  (80% of videos)
MP4 (stream); 1280x720;  ?_k  (90% of videos)

Mixed photos and vidcaps -672 sets of 77 images

Works well on desktop, laptop and mobile devices.

Improved design; upgraded videos.

Review date: April 2017

Cocksure Men was recently refurbished with an attractive, responsive design and -- more important -- most of the 670+ videos are available for unrestricted download at 1080p HD. Inside you'll find attractive, masculine, fit guys in simply staged, well-crafted solo and action scenes. Although some videos outshine others, the site features an excellent roster of young studs. Your membership also includes over 400 videos from the archives of Straight Guys For Gay Eyes as well as a number of feeds.


The CockSure Men tour homepage is also page one of the video scene inventory. Go ahead and browse through the "Scenes" and the "Cocksure Men" model index. You'll find free preview clips throughout. When you click to watch a free clip you'll also see join information on the same page. This is an excellent tour.


The responsive design works very well for your devices; its uncluttered layout and large, clear photos make Cocksure Men easy to navigate. The videos can be filtered by category and sorted by newest or oldest, highest rated or name of the scene. Of course you can also dive into the model index. Click on a model's page and you'll see thumbnails for all the scenes he's in. The streaming and download options are all clearly laid out on the individual scene pages. A small objection: moving several pages ahead or back means entering a page number manually.

The Men and the Action

The guys of Cocksure Men live up to the site’s name. Without exception, they’re tight-bodied studs age 18-35 who project a confident but down-to-earth sexiness. Some are well-known performers; many have previously appeared on JakeCruise.com, and others are relative newcomers. You'll find corn-fed Midwestern studs, muscle-packed African Americans, inked up and hairy tops, some big-dicked Euros; in short, lots of variety.

Almost all the action is hardcore fucking, with only a handful of solos in the entire site. All the recent scenes (and about 40% of the total) are bareback. Occasionally, we get to listen in on model interviews or banter between performers. The model index has been improved and there are now model stats like age, height, weight, cock size and favorite sex position.

Video Details

The viewing quality is excellent. Like much of Jake Cruise’s work, the shooting style of Cocksure Men is competent and professional, but doesn’t dazzle. The videos are well lit, with carefully captured shots mixing close-up and medium takes. Despite this variety, however, the editing sometimes lacks rhythm and the pace can lag. You’ll never miss a cumshot on Cocksure Men, though.

Cocksure Men is currently updated about once a week. At this review, the site has 672 videos, averaging 20 minutes in length.

Cocksure Men’s videos will stream in MP4 at a maximum size of 1280x720 pixels (the oldest 10% are smaller); you can precisely control the size by resizing your browser. There are at least two quality choices provided.

Most of the videos can now be downloaded as true high-definition MP4s; about 80% now have a top size of 1920x1080p HD (5000 kbps), while most of the others top out at 1280x720 pixels. The oldest 10% standard definition with a top size of 640x480 pixels, 1200 kbps. There are usually three to four quality choices to choose from.

Screens: The site design is responsive, which means it works well on phones and tablets. Since a large majority of the videos are available as HD MP4s, they look great on the big screen, too.

Image and Other Content

A significant addition of bonus content to the site is the entire inventory of the no longer updated Straight Guys For Gay Eyes site; these 440 videos are of sex between a hot young stud and -- yes -- a real girl! In case you're still horny after all this, the site has thrown in plug-ins from Treasure Island, Bare!, Rearstable, Sex Gaymes, and High Octane.

Summing Up

Cocksure Men showcases sexy, masculine guys, now in great quality high-definition downloads. Take a look at the tour, and you'll agree that these solidly-built stars and amateurs are hot stuff. With a responsive design and upgraded videos, it has never looked better.

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Quality 27/33
Quantity 18/20
Personality 4/5
Video Options 5/6
Updates 4/6
Content 58/70
Tour 5/5
Usability 12/15
Fairness 5/5
Value 5/5
User-friendly 26/30

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Condoms: No
Some unprotected sex.
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30 day: $24.99
(rebills @ $24.99)

30 day: $34.99
(no rebill)

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CCBill.com *EKRA Group

Cocksure Men is operated by Jake Cruise Media and has been online since 2008.

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Gay Demon

672 (avg. 20 min.) DRM: Stream and Download
MP4 (download); 1920x1080;  5000k  (80% of videos)
MP4 (stream); 1280x720;  ?_k  (90% of videos)

Mixed photos and vidcaps -672 sets of 77 images

Works well on desktop, laptop and mobile devices.

Improved design; upgraded videos.

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