January 9, 2022 | Sex & Society

OnlyFans star arrested in Singapore

Titus Low KaideTitus Low Kaide has run afoul of Singapore's strict laws because of his work on OnlyFans. The 22-year-old was arrested in December, charged with “transmitting obscene materials."

He was arrested after police received a report that Low “transmitted images and videos of his private parts."

“We only create content for people who are our age and wish to have content they want to see," Low said in a video he shared on YouTube. "And all this is on the basis of everything is consensual.

“So we don’t force you to watch our content, we don’t force you to pay, it’s not open for public consumption, and if I don’t impede on your life and your lifestyle, to the person who reported me, why are you impeding in mine? ’Til today, I don’t know who made the report, and I don’t know why. I mean, it’s OnlyFans. I have to create specific content for specific adults. We are both willing like buyer and seller."

He’s believed to be the first person arrested and charged over OnlyFans in the conservative country. In Singapore, possession, distribution, or sale of porn is outlawed (though, oddly, streaming it is okay). Gay sex is also illegal.

Low is out on bail and said he does not plan to continue posting content. He faces up to six months in jail and $5000 in fines.

It's sad that in 2022, jerking off on camera is still enough to ruin a man's life in some parts of the world.

Titus Low Kaide

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