November 9, 2021 | Porn Stars

Rhyheim Shabazz suspended from Twitter

Rhyheim Shabazz

Rhyheim Shabazz is an extremely popular gay porn star.

Starting his career back in 2019, he has worked with several of the big studios, including Tim Tales and Cocky Boys. He has even created a burgeoning amateur empire with one of the most successful OnlyFans sites.

Social media played a big role in his career, and he could boast over a million followers online. And then Twitter suspended his account. Related accounts -- @EyeFilmz, @RealTalox, and @Farley_XX -- were also shut down by the site.

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The reason given: they were all guilty of "violating our rules against ban evasion." This is when someone gets a permanent ban from Twitter, and then sets up fake accounts and continues to post on the platform.

Shabazz, though, says his account was not banned to begin with.

It is possible that Twitter is hitting out at adult content creators; 30 Brazilian performers were also suspended. However, in these cases the account owners were warned via email to remove content from their feeds, though Twitter failed to detail specifically which content needed to be deleted. A few days later, the accounts were shut down.

Shabazz is not currently located in Brazil; however, some of the accounts closed included men he has collaborated with in the past.

Interestingly, gay porn blog Str8UpGayPorn was also suspended on Twitter. In this case, the reason given was for copyright infringement.

"Str8Up was suspended because someone filed a false DMCA copyright notice against us for a tweet containing a video," the site detailed in a post. "The video in question was from one of our studio affiliates (the studio affiliate didn’t file the DMCA—it was someone pretending to be the affiliate), meaning Str8Up had the right to post the video, as it was an advertisement for the affiliate. This has actually happened before thanks to a troll filing a false DMCA, and Str8Up had to file a DMCA counter notification letting Twitter know that the DMCA was false."

Twitter has not released an official statement about any of the current suspensions.

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