February 2, 2020 | Porn Stars

Jarec Wentworth preparing for life outside

Jarec Wentworth

Jarec Wentworth, who in 2015 was sentenced to six years in prison for extortion, is about to be a free man.

Wentworth, whose real name is Teofil Brank, had threatened to expose Donald Burns, chairman of MagicJack VocalTec, for hiring male escorts. Wentworth wanted cash, cars and a condo in return for his silence. Burns paid up, but when the blackmailing continued Burns went to the FBI for help.

Currently in a halfway house, he will officially walk free on April 3, 2020. He has already set up a Twitter account, and created an Amazon Gift registry so fans can buy him things -- essentials like socks, belts or a tarot card deck -- for when he gets out.

"Trust me I know I shouldn’t ask but I need help," he shared through Twitter. "Prison was a struggle and now I regret not giving a homeless change. We all need help, just have to ask. Anything helps. Thank you."

He tweeted that he was looking for work, and revealed he does plan to return to porn when he's able.

Jarec Wentworth

Jarec Wentworth threesome

Jarec Wentworth

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