November 10, 2019 | Sex & Society

Homophobes swarm film in country of Georgia

And Dance With Me
Hundreds of anti-gay protestors swarmed cinemas at a premiere of the Swedish-Georgian film And Then We Danced. The film is about the romance between two male ballet dancers.
It opened in six cinemas in the country of Gergia this weekend. Far-right fascists showed up to block people from getting into the cinemas, attacking filmgoers and throwing stones. Orthodox priests prayed during the ruckus.
In fact, the Georgian Orthodox Church helped instigate the attack, encouraging ultra-conservative groups to protest the "revolting" screenings.
“It is absurd that people who bought tickets need to be brave and risk getting harassed or even assaulted just for going to see a film,” wrote Levan Akin, the film’s director, in a Facebook post. “I made this film with love and compassion. It is my love letter to Georgia and to my heritage. With this story I wanted to reclaim and redefine Georgian culture to include all not just some.
“But unfortunately these are the dark times we live in and the pending protests just proves how vital it is to stand up against these shadowy forces in any way we can.”
Last week, Georgia’s Ministry of Internal Affairs promised to “ensure the protection of public safety and order, as well as the freedom of self-expression. We address everyone: obey the law. Otherwise, police will use their lawful mandate and suppress unlawful acts immediately.”
And Then We Danced had its worldwide premiere at the Cannes Film festival in May. It has been called “one of the best gay films in this year’s Oscar race.”

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