November 21, 2018 | Sex & Society

Frankie Grande talks about life in a throuple

Frankie Grande, Daniel Sinasohn  and Mike Pophis
Frankie Grande (pictured, above left) is probably best known for being the openly gay brother to superstar Ariana Grande, but he does have a career of his own. He has established for himself a niche as a social media influencer, and even landed on reality game show Big Brother as a contestant.
And now he's getting a lot more media attention because he's in a relationship with not one, but two men. (Greedy bastard!)
He has formed a throuple with married couple Daniel Sinasohn and Mike Pophis.
“I’d been single for 9 years, so I was very open to the possibilities of what love looks like, or what love could be, and it just happened,” he revealed. “We met each other, we had common interests and we started dating.”
He added: “They do take care of me and they pay for things a lot, which is lovely. [...]  It’s also my first relationship in sobriety, which is a lot of things. [I’ve been sober for] 17 months and 2 days, so I’m very excited about that. It feels like I’m a brand new person again.”
But don't think you're going to invited to join in on this throuple's fun. Frankie said they are committed and exclusive.
"It is an ethical and committed non-monogamy," he explained. "So everyone knows what’s going on, there’s no cheating, we’re actually in it together. I say it’s like a triangle, which is the strongest shape. There’s three people in it so we can all pick up the things and the slack. It’s great.”

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