May 15, 2018 | Funny Bits

The naked men of nature

Summer is near. The weather is becoming warmer. It'll soon be time to strip down into as little as possible and head outside to enjoy the sun. Shorts and a T-shirt are great, but we think these guys have the right idea. Less is more after all!

Naked cute guy

His treehouse wasn't the best in the neighborhood, but it was popular for some reason.


Naked man sand

Hopefully this pic was worth the three weeks of removing sand from his ass!


Naked man at fire

He better be careful or this will become a unplanned weenie roast!


Naked chaps

No chaps? Make your own for your next cruising adventure!


naked cowboy

Whenever Ryan saw a hole, he had to put his dick into it. Oh Ryan!


Pool jerk off

An interesting take on watersports.


naked men

The proper nudist greeting.


Hot man big cock

A rare picture of the elusive Big Cock, known to live in the forested regions of north-west Canada.


naked man in woods

Well, that's one way to attract squirrels.


Sexy lumberjack

Yep, he's got the wood!


Sexy men

Not quite the Boy Scout experience we remember.

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