April 9, 2018 | Porn Stars

Tegan Zayne versus Wesley Woods: friends for never

Tegan Zayne versus Wesley Woods
The claws are out as porn stars Tegan Zayne and Wesley Woods are taking shots at each other over Twitter.
Director Chi Chi Larue got things started with a very innocent tweet; she revealed that she would appearing live with Woods, "The Hoe with a Heart Of Gold," for a fan meet and greet.
For some reason, Zayne took that as his cue to attack Woods.
Zayne tweeted: "A hypocrite who likes to tear people down who haven’t done anything wrong, all for the sake of making a name off of drama, masquerading as educated/political to justify it, while reaping praise and benefits."
Many were left wondering what Zayne was even referring to.
Apparently the posting was in response to Woods' longstanding beef with Colby "I voted for Trump" Keller. The whole issue came to a head seven months ago, with Woods claiming Keller was showing his "white privilege" for failing to realize how dangerous Trump was for minorities.
"My relationships with those that are socially disempowered and highly impacted by politics, makes me more sensitive and offended by white masculine privilege, like that shown by fellow gay pornstar -- Colby Keller -- a man who obviously lives in an ivory tower without any minority friends," he shared at the time.
For several months this has been eating away at Zayne, and this week he couldn't contain his feelings any longer.
"If [Woods] cared he would have never went on a public tirade tearing other performers down who never really did anything to him in the first place," he wrote. "The industry is hard enough it only makes it worse when we have people like him fighting the wrong fight and bandwagoning hate."
Wesley didn't seem particularly concerned. His reply:  "You just look crazy, angry and jealous. But, then again... that is you."
Do we have to put the two of them naked in a room together and film them making up? Because we'll do it!

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