January 27, 2018 | Porn Stars

Topher DiMaggio responds to rape accusations

Tegan Zayne and Topher DiMaggio

The #MeToo movement, in which people who have been sexually assaulted share their stories over social media, has hit the gay porn world.

Earlier this week, Tegan Zayne took to Twitter to allege that Topher DiMaggio raped him the night before the men had a porn shoot together for CockyBoys.

Zayne claimed that when DiMaggio entered a room they were sharing for the night, he forced himself on Zayne.

According to Zayne:

Zayne statement

Zayne Statement

He added: “I haven’t told anyone else this because I’ve struggled with [the] idea that maybe he didn’t rape me, and maybe I did enjoy it. Maybe having someone cum in you when you repeatedly tell them “no” is not a big deal when [your] a sex worker.”

Zayne then wrote that he did not want this to become a witch-hunt, but did think the issue of sex assault needed to be addressed in both the queer and the sex worker communities. 

"Part of my coming out was for people to realize that no one takes it seriously when an A. male or B. sex worker experiences sexual assault," he added on Twitter Thursday. "Especially the police. The whole point for why I told my story was for visibility in the communities I belong to. Not to tear anyone down."

DiMaggio did not reply to the accusations at first, but yesterday released the following statement:

Topher DiMaggio statement

But the story does not end there. The denial from DiMaggio has since been deleted after it was revealed that large parts of it were actually plagiarized. Several lines were lifted from Russell Simmons’ statement to the New York Times about accusations of sexual assault that he was facing. (However, as of this writing a copy of the denial is still on DiMaggio's Twitter feed in one of his replies.)
Zayne also responded to the denial, tweeting: "Imagine screenshotting a tweet that wasn’t about you, and making it about you to further your defensive agenda when you know you’re wrong."
We'll let you know what, if anything, DiMaggio or Zayne says next.

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