January 10, 2018 | Porn Stars

Vadim Black: I am not a bigot

Vadim Black

A few years ago, porn model Vadim Black was being called out for some of the somewhat nasty things he decided to share on Twitter.

In 2014, he tweeted that he was tired of "gay queens" and "fags who like to run their mouths." And he also called someone a "monkey lookin n*gga," and threatened to shoot them. He later posted a picture of his AR15.

However, he says he is now a different person.

"First of all, I never have been nor am I HOMOPHOBIC, OR RACIST," he told The Sword in a new interview. "That doesn’t mean I didn’t say things I now regret. They came from anger and frustration. I was too young to realize people can, and will be judged, by some tweet fired off because I was pissed off at something and expressed it the wrong way [or] the wrong place.
"[...] I was a young man, age 18. I never had a family, or a good life, and add to that [...] I naturally [have a] defensive personality. I was angry, lost, and upset. So when people started attacking me, and harassing me on social media, including several blogs, and led to spreading false information about me [...] I did what any 18-year-old kid that’s naive would do, which [is] go on the defense."
He has also learned to be less confrontational.
"I realized that life is short, and there is no reason to be angry, fight, hate, or be defensive, I figured out that everyone deserves to have their say in everything whether it is right or wrong. I try to live my life and do the right thing, and stay out of people’s issues and problems because there is no reason to get in fights or battles with anyone."
You can read part one of the two part interview at The Sword.
You can also check out his work in several scenes here!
Vadim Black

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