November 9, 2017 | Porn Stars

Francois Sagat is all dressed up ... in a frock

Francois Sagat

FACTORY Fanzine obviously likes to push the envelope, and it's most recent edition -- called "Men In Frocks" -- does just that. Can a hot man in a dress still be hot?

The fanzine itself is queer to the core and it openly flaunts gender norms. In fact, it embraces being "different."

"I mean, in 2017, putting a man in a skirt is still one of the most subversive thing you can do -- I just nudge the whole thing along," explained creator and photographer Baldovino Barani. "Representation is important, though. It's important to show there are different gender-validating images to look up to and aspire to. But I think, ultimately, it's the people that actually wear these gender-bending clothes in their daily lives, out in the streets, who are really being subversive and pushing things to progress. They are the brave ones."

For the recent issue, Barani called on porn star Francois Sagat for one of the fashion shoots.

Francois Sagat

Francois Sagat

So would you still tap that ass if given the chance?

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