November 7, 2017 | Health Matters

PSA offers a fun and informative look at PrEP

Let's face it: men who use PrEP probably like having sex. Finally there's a new PSA that not only celebrates male sexuality without slut shaming, it also provides important things to remember when considering pre-exposure prophylactics.
Sexologist -- and super cutie -- Alex Liu teamed up with Impulse SF, a San Francisco-based LGBT non-profit, to create this PSA. In the video, Liu points out that 80% of new HIV infections occur among men who have sex with other men. He then explains that PrEP can greatly reduce this risk.
As the PSA continues, Liu's bedroom quickly fills up with sexy men. 
Read the small print in the video and you get gems like: “Cock will not be provided with your prescription,” and “You’re not ingesting magic. PrEP does not transport you to some utopian free-fuck-for-all where there are no consequences. Other STIs look at PrEP and are like, ‘Cute.'”
Finally a PSA that is informative but not preachy ...

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