October 4, 2017 | Arts / Entertainment

Actor hopes music video for "The Village" will change minds

Out musician Wrabel has released a powerful music video for his heartfelt track “The Village.” The video follows a trans teen struggling with an unaccepting family.

The actor featured in the video is August Aiden, a young trans man.

“The story told in the video hits very close to home,” Aiden revealed. “The personal struggle that the protagonist goes through throughout the video, was me. I was that closed-down kid in high school who wore big hoodies and hid behind their hair.”

“I want people outside of the LGBTQ spectrum to see the internal struggle that some of us go through in order for us to feel ’normal,’ whatever normal means,” Aiden added. “And in seeing that, I hope it changes someone’s mind ... promotes understanding and empathy.”

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