September 12, 2017 | Sex & Society

German drag queens form political party to fight Nazis

It's not just the United States that has seen an increase in far-right groups; Germany is dealing with a growing number of racist and homophobic incidents, and the right-wing populist Alternative for Germany (AfD) party -- which opposes equal rights for women, same-sex marriage and immigration -- is currently polling in third place for the upcoming German elections.
A group of politically-minded drag queens is hoping to stop the AfD.
"We fight against nationalism and racism," Jacky-Oh Weinhaus said. "And stand for the rights of trans people and gay people."
Weinhaus helped create Travesty for Germany (TfD), a mock political party playing on the German slang word for drag, “travestie.”
Although the group does not expect to win any seats in the federal election, it hopes to get left-wingers off their butts and to the polls. 
“[We want to] raise the attention of people to interact with different parties,” Weinhaus added. She said the goal was to make the AfD “sashay away.”
It's always nice to see drag queens kicking some racist ass!

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