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Making music with Mickey Taylor

Mickey Taylor

What's not to love about Mickey Taylor? He's a British cutie patootie with an edge. He looks great naked and isn't afraid of showing off the goods. And it doesn't hurt that he's also a very talented artist.

Taylor did not grow up with dreams of screwing on cam. He was instead scouted through a dating app by an eagle-eyed recruiter. The studio's offer was intriguing enough that he decided to give porn a try. His first  scene, paired with big-dicked top Billy Rubens, was released on Europe-based Staxus in 2014. Since then he has worked with studios like Blake Mason, UK Naked Men and Raging Stallion.

But when he's not fucking in front of the camera, Taylor is writing and recording music. He was kind enough to answer some questions about his two very different careers..

Mickey Taylor

BananaGuide: Do you think working in porn has negatively or positively affected your work as a musician?  

Mickey Taylor: Yes and no. To be honest at first I tried to divide them, I thought of maybe using another persona or stage name, but instead I just embraced it a bit. I started using porn models for [music] videos and making them homoerotic in a bunch of ways. Porn is healthy. We've all seen it (well most of us). It's mainstream in many ways these days and I thought what better way to remove the stigma than to show I'm not ashamed. Has it stopped me getting certain gigs? Yes. But in many ways [it's opened] more and new doors. 
Mickey Taylor porn
How have your music fans reacted to knowing that you also do gay porn?
Well, I don't really film much anymore. To be honest not at all. And the music only really began to take off when I started touring this year and with the new album Midnight Palace in January. So many don't know if at all till later on. But overall they appreciate my liberated view on it. The fans are always great and supportive. 
A few weeks ago you released the video for "All Day." What is the song about?
At its core it's about love. But it's part of a bigger picture. The song is one part out of a seven music video movie I'm doing based on the seven sins. I will let you guys guess which sin this might be haha. 
Of all your songs -- and yes, this is a difficult question to answer -- which is your favorite and why?
Oh Jesus. I guess I would say "All Day" or "Chills." "Chills" to me is just so sexy. I always envisioned a really sexy club video [for it]. 
Best Mickey Taylor song to make love to?
Depends on the sex I guess ... did you bring the whip? 
Best Mickey Taylor song for a full on, no-holes barred gangbang?
I'm gonna say "In The Night." Because I literally just shot a music video for it which shows a gangbang! 
Which artists are you listening to these days?
Oh God, it varies. I love some of the more upcoming artists a lot. But to name a few: Halsey, Lorde, Nothing But Thieves, Billie Ellich. And Dua Lipa. She is really on to something gold. 
What is one thing that fans -- of your music and of your work on camera -- would be most surprised to find out about you?
After each scene I'd shoot I would go to Burger King. You'd starve yourself all day and by the end I wanted carbs! Haha! Music wise, each of my gigs' costumes and clothes are designed by LGBT only designers. I also take Haribo and cans of Monster with me to gigs because I eat like a teenage boy! 
To satisfy your Mickey Taylor cravings on a regular basis, check him out on social media at:

And don't forget to check out his super-hot XXX galleries here.

Sadly, there's a lot of pressure out there and sometime it can be a bit much. Last week, Taylor ended up in the hospital and opened up to fans about struggling with both anxiety and addiction. He's out of the hospital now, and told us he was taking some time to process what he's been through. If you get a chance, send him some love!

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