July 6, 2017 | Hotties

Check out these ESPN hotties

Every year the fine folks at ESPN Magazine release the "Body Issue." It's an awesome collection of images of athletes at the top of their game. Oh, and they are nude.
This year, there was some controversy over the magazine's cover. NFL running back Zeke Elliott took the honor, but not everyone online seemed happy with the choice. When ESPN tweeted out an image of Elliott's nude body, men complained about seeing a naked man on their Twitter timeline. The horror!
The men whined that "ESPN is straight garbage now" and that they "didn't need to see this before breakfast." (The same men did not complain about the companion cover which featured a nude Caroline Wozniacki.)
Now, don't get too excited; you're not going to find out if your favorite baseball player is cut or uncut as there are no cock pictures in this collection. (Still, the guys are hot and worth checking out.)
Gus Kenworthy, freestyle skiing
Gus Kenworthy
Gus Kenworthy
Javier Baez, baseball
Javier Baez naked
Javier Baez naked
Isaiah Thomas, basketball
Isaiah Thomas nude
Isaiah Thomas naked
Julian Edelman, football
Julian Edelman nude
Julian Edelman nude
Julian Edelman naked
And finally ...
Zeke Elliott, football
Zeke Elliott ESPN cover
Head over the ESPN to see more pics.

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