January 4, 2017 | The Biz

Utah might let consumers sue porn companies

Todd WeilerTodd Weiler, a Republican member of the Utah State Senate, thinks people should be allowed to sue companies who publish porn on the Internet. 
Weiler is the man who, back in 2016, pushed for a motion calling porn "a public health hazard” and an “epidemic.” The non-binding resolution implored porn companies to keep "evil, degrading, addictive" materials away from children.
He has now revealed plans to take his war on porn a step further; he wants porn companies to be held liable for emotional and psychological damages caused to porn viewers.
"Right now porn is available without any warnings and labeling, without any protections online," Weiler said. "This would just open the valve for a cause of action. Let these attorneys go after these cases."
"I'm trying to kind of track the same path that was taken against tobacco 70 years ago," Weiler, who is also an attorney, added. "It's not government coming in and saying what you can and can't watch. It's just basically a message to the pornography industry that if someone in Utah can prove damages from the product, that they may be held liable financially."
Weiler acknowledged his fight is an uphill battle and said that the first 30 or so cases would likely fail. With time, however, he hoped the lawsuits may gain some traction. (Right, because after losing the first 20 cases prosecutors would be willing to waste money, time and resources on unwinnable cases.)
Weiler is only 49 years old so you'll be hearing about his anti-porn crusade for decades to come.

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