October 1, 2015

Grindr and Tinder react to AIDS Healthcare Foundation billboards

The AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF) -- best known for its initiative to make the production of bareback porn illegal in California -- is again attracting attention in its bid to raise awareness of STI's. Its latest salvo in the war against sexually transmitted infections is a billboard campaign that explicity links popular hook-up aps Grindr and Tinder to chlamydia and gonorrhea. 

Not surprisingly, Grindr and Tinder are upset.

Grindr dropped AHF as a paid advertiser, saying, “We were surprised at the approach [the foundation] took, and paused the campaign in order to speak with them and assess our relationship.”

Tinder has demanded that the foundation remove all references to the hookup app from their billboards and that it cease making “false and disparaging statements against Tinder.”

“They’re tone deaf,” Michael Weinstein, president of AHF, told the Guardian. “It would have been much wiser for them to say that they’re concerned about their customers and look forward to working with us to help people get the checkups that they need.”

Currently, there are 12 billboards and 45 bus bench ads in Los Angeles. The AHF says it plans to expand the campaign to New York and south Florida.

Perhaps Mr. Weinstein should have taken his own advice. Would it not have more effective to approach the hookup aps and work together to insure that their users are aware that sexually active people should get tested for STDs once in a while?

We wonder if this was a calculated decision to get free publicity. Is Michael Weinstein the Donald Trump of sexual health? 

September 24, 2015

CEO promises to reduce price of drug used by some AIDS patients

CEO Martin ShkreliThe power of social media has been proven yet again, as CEO Martin Shkreli was forced to reverse plans to increase the price of the drug Daraprim by over 5000 percent. The increase would have meant a $13.50 tablet would soon cost $750. However, he did not say what the new price would be.
This drug, which has been around for over six decades, is used by some AIDS and cancer patients to treat the parasitic infection toxoplasmosis. 
Upon hearing the news of the insanely greedy increase, people flew into a rage. Shkreli was called a ghoul and was accused of putting profit ahead of people's health. At first he mocked his attackers, saying they knew nothing about business and that his company needed the money to make better drugs. (Yeah, better and even more expensive, no doubt.)
Shkreli partially capitulated, appearing on NBC News on Tuesday night to say that he would lower the planned increase. He did not say what the new price per tablet would be, arguing that this would take weeks for his company to sort out. He promised that the new price would allow the company to make a small profit or, at the very least, break even.
"There were mistakes made with respect to helping people understand why we took this action," he said, "I think that it makes sense to lower the price in response to the anger that was felt by people."
No, it makes sense to lower the price because it's the right thing to do. And let's not be surprised if the new price is  "only" in the low hundreds.

September 23, 2015

Meet the dick who just made an AIDS drug much more expensive

Martin ShkreliHis name is Martin Shkreli, and he just took a drug that would normally cost $13.50 per tablet and turned it into a drug that costs $750 per tablet. That's more than a 5000 percent increase.

The drug, called Daraprim, has been around for 62 years and is used to treat a life-threatening parasitic infection. It is widely used by AIDS patients.

Shkreli's company, Turing Pharmaceuticals, acquired the marketing rights to the drug in August. News of the planned price hike only recently got out.

The Infectious Diseases Society of America and the HIV Medicine Association sent a joint letter to Turing calling the price increase for Daraprim “unjustifiable for the medically vulnerable patient population” and “unsustainable for the health care system.” 

“This isn’t the greedy drug company trying to gouge patients, it is us trying to stay in business,” Shkreli countered. He argued he was bringing the price in line with other drugs that treat rare diseases, and that those who use Daraprim only require it for less than a year so the cost is not a lifelong burden.
“This is still one of the smallest pharmaceutical products in the world,” he said. “It really doesn’t make sense to get any criticism for this.”
The former hedge fund manager added that additional money is needed for the company to create even better, and more affordable, drugs in the future. 
Hillary Clinton was one of many people calling the increase a joke.
"Price gouging like this in the specialty drug market is outrageous. Tomorrow I'll lay out a plan to take it on. -H,' she tweeted.
This isn't Shkreli's first bio-med company. In 2011, Mr. Shkreli started Retrophin, which acquired old neglected drugs and raised their prices. Retrophin’s board fired Shkreli a year ago. Last month, it filed a complaint in Federal District Court in Manhattan, accusing him of using Retrophin as a personal piggy bank to pay back angry investors in his hedge fund.
Why are some people just so nasty (and not in a Janet Jackson kind of way)?
Martin Shkreli again defends massive price hike for AIDS drug ... [Mail Online]
Former hedge fund manager buys AIDS drug, makes it 5500 percent more expensive [9 News]

September 22, 2015

Happy Bisexual Awareness Week!

bi logoThe 2nd annual Bisexual Awareness Week (#biweek) started on September 20th and will run until the 26th. And tomorrow, the 23rd, is "International Celebrate Bisexuality Day." So grab your favorite bi person and give them a hug!
"In a world increasingly acknowledging the complexity of human sexuality, including bisexuality and sexual fluidity, BiNet USA is thrilled to support a national conversation that accelerates the cultural acceptance of our community," explained Faith Cheltenham, President of BiNet USA, a non-profit that was established in 1990 to promote bisexual visibility and educate the general public about it.  
Cheltenham continued: "This year's awareness week has garnered unprecedented support from lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) organizations who are committed to amplifying the voices of bisexual people, who are often rendered invisible in the media and public spheres."
"Despite comprising more than half of the lesbian, gay, and bisexual population, bisexual people are only about one third as likely to be out to their close friends and family," added Heron Greenesmith, LGBT Movement and Policy Analyst at the Movement Advancement Project. "... two-thirds of bisexual people report hearing negative comments at work and bisexual people are more likely to report negative health outcomes."
Some famous bisexual men include David Bowie, Frank Ocean, Alan Cumming and James Dean.
And of course, there are some very well-known male porn stars who have said they were bi! (Click the images to see their galleries!)
Rafael Alencar
Rafael Alencar
With a cock like that, he can make both men and women feel like a virgin ...
fucked for the very first time!
Jake Bass
Jake Bass
I guess we'll share him ... but just for one night!
porn star Race Cooper
Race Cooper
Melts in your mouth ... if you're lucky!
Jimmy Fanz
Jimmy Fanz
Can he tell the difference between a strap-on and the real thing?
The 2015 Bisexual Awareness Week is presented by BiNet USA in co-sponsorship with GLAAD.

September 21, 2015

"Cosmo" too sexy for store shelves

Cosmpolitan as pornA group in the US has claimed that Cosmopolitan is not appropriate for young eyes. And now some US retailers are covering up the popular women's magazine for being "pornographic."
Cosmo has over 100 million readers worldwide. The cover often includes teasers like "8 Surprise Moves from Foreplay to Fireworks" and "Secrets to a Better Orgasm."
Born-again Christian Victoria Hearst and her group the American National Center on Sexual Exploitation (NCOSE) started an initiative called "Cosmo Harms Minors" and declared the magazine was "verbally, and many times visually pornographic." (Hearst is actually the granddaughter of William Randolph Hearst, who founded Cosmo's publishing company.)
"We are asking that Cosmo be sold to adults only and have the cover wrapped like all other porn magazines in retail shops," said NCOSE spokeswoman Haley Halverson.
The complaints seem to be working.
"We are working to place future issues of [Cosmo] behind pocket shields," Rite Aid spokeswoman Ashley Flower confirmed.
"Walmart told NCOSE that it has committed to enforce its existing, but previously unenforced policies to place Cosmo behind blinders," added Halverson. 
Walmart said that it has had blinders for Cosmo for some time, but realized a reminder might be needed to keep stores up-to-date on company policy.
Cosmopolitan's parent company, Hearst Corporation, provides the blinders if requested. However, it does not feel any fuss about the content is warranted.
"The idea that the magazine should be classified as pornography is laughable," the company stated, adding that it "presents an honest look at women's sexuality," with additional content on careers, health and finance.
We all know that Victoria has a stash of these naughty magazines hidden under her mattress at home!
Cosmopolitan covered up in U.S. stores after advocates label it 'porn' [CBC]

September 17, 2015

Two Swedish comics take on Russian homophobes

Russia is a nasty place for gays, with its silly laws against "gay propaganda" and tireless efforts to stop gay pride parades from happening. Queer art shows have been closed. Gays and lesbians have been attacked by thugs ... while the police watch. 
With this in mind, two Swedish comedians decided to recreate the Police Academy gay bar, and they did it on land owned by Russia in Finland. 
Simon Gardenfors and Frej Larsson, better known as Far and Son, created the makeshift shack in the village of Saltvik on the Aland archipelago in the Baltic Sea.
Russia owns the land after Finland ceded the territory following two wars against the Soviet Union. "We were told that Putin had land here in Åland, and that it’s Russian soil," Gardenfors explained, "and that we must not propagandize for homosexuality. So we started and built the Blue Oyster."
The Blue Oyster was a gay leather bar in the Police Academy movie series, known for its salad bar and tango dancing. "There was a lot of gays. A lot of dancing and gays," Gardenfors added.
Not missing a beat, the Russian government has already lodged an official complaint about the make-shift bar.
“This is pure hooliganism,” whined the Russian consul Mikhail Zubov.
Zubov demanded that Finnish police remove the shack and investigate. Police have already agreed that the incident was illegal, and could lead to charges against the duo for ‘trespassing’ and ‘sanitation violation.’
If convicted, the men could be fined or even receive a few months in prison.
Maybe they should invite Putin in for a drink? We're sure there's a leather butt boy inside Putin just screaming to get out!
Russia complains over 'gay bar' on president's plot in Finland [The Guardian]

September 16, 2015

First time with someone? Don't fuck blindfolded!

Strap onGayle Dawn Newland, 25, has been found guilty of sexual assault. The British woman was initially charged after an ex-girlfriend came forward claiming Newland had duped her into having sex.
The incidents took place in 2013 after the two met through Facebook. At the time, Newland pretended to be a man named "Kye Fortune." As the relationship progressed, they both wanted to have sex. Newland asked the other woman to wear a blindfold when they were being intimate, at which point Newland would slip on a strap-on dildo. Her chest was bandaged at the time to hide her breasts.
The woman found out when she removed her blindfold during an intimate moment. 
“When I was having sex I grabbed for the back of his head and my hand got caught on something. It did not feel right. I was [sitting] on the bed, he was standing up. Something in my mind said ‘pull it (the blindfold) off, pull it off’.
"I just pulled it off. Gayle was just standing there… I just couldn’t believe it, I couldn’t believe it. Straight away she held her hand down over her face and said ‘it’s not what you think’.”
A judge of the Chester Crown Court found her guilty of three counts of sexual assault, and concluded Newland had “serious issues surrounding her personality." 
“How can you send me down for something I have not done? I don’t understand, I don’t understand,” Newland shouted back at the judge.
Her sentencing will take place in November.
And here we thought dildos could only ever be used for good!
Woman used bandage to bind chest and pretend to be a man for sex [Metro]

August 27, 2015

Josh Duggar seeking "help" over sex issues

Josh DuggarBy now you've heard all about the "wonderful" Christian soldier known as Josh Duggar, who admitted to molesting a baby sitter and some of his sisters when he was a teen. He got "help" from a Christ-focused therapy center. It then came out this month that he was a member of cheater website Ashley Madison, and was so horny for some action he needed TWO accounts! He even admitted to being addicted to sex and porn.

The latest news? He's back in rehab.

"Yesterday Josh checked himself into a long-term treatment center," the family revealed on its website, duggarfamily.com. "For him it will be a long journey toward wholeness and recovery. We pray that in this he comes to complete repentance and sincere change."

The name of the institution has not been released, leaving us to wonder if it is the same place he was sent to before (which obviously worked wonders).

But the news doesn't end there. This week, porn star and stripper Danica Dillon claimed she had met up with Duggar as an escort. The two allegedly hooked-up when Josh's wife his wife, Anna, was pregnant with their fourth child. 

The encounter was not enjoyable.“He was manhandling me, basically tossing me around like I was a rag doll,” Danica claimed. And though she said it was all consensual, "it was very traumatic. I’ve had rough sex before, but this was terrifying.”

So Josh, still think gay weddings are the biggest threat to your marriage?

August 22, 2015

More trouble for Josh Duggar

Josh DuggarJosh Duggar is not a nice man. He has, along with his family, fought against gay rights and trans rights. He has called the gay "agenda" dangerous. He has condemned gay marriage as evil. And all the while he was claiming his own marriage was an example of how God intended men and women to live.

Then, a few months back, it was revealed that he was guilty of molesting some of his sisters and a female babysitter. He didn't deny it. His parents, who knew it happened, claimed that Josh got the help he needed (not through legal channels, but thanks to a friend's Christian counselling service).

TLC pulled the Duggar's TV show 19 Kids and Counting (after dragging its feet for months, afraid to lose its cash cow). The family has yet to recover from the negative publicity.

Well, Josh is back in the news. The "great" family man is a cheater and a liar. His dalliances have been exposed through the recent Ashley Madison leak, in which hackers exposed the pro-adultery website's members, their e-mails and credit card information. Good ol' Josh even had two accounts. A secret Facebook profile was also revealed, in which he was friends with female strippers.

"“I have been the biggest hypocrite ever,” he revealed in a statement. “While espousing faith and family values, I have been unfaithful to my wife.”

He continued:

I brought hurt and a reproach to my family, close friends and the fans of our show with my actions that happened when I was 14-15 years old, and now I have re-broken their trust.
The last few years, while publicly stating I was fighting against immorality in our country, I was hiding my own personal failings.
As I am learning the hard way, we have the freedom to choose to our actions, but we do not get to choose our consequences. I deeply regret all hurt I have caused so many by being such a bad example.
He originally blamed an addiction to porn as one of the reasons for his cheating ways. He later deleted that part of his statement. 
Reports indicate that, for now, Anna - his wife - plans on standing by her man.
We can only hope this means the end of this atrocious family. (But with our luck they'll be back in a few years claiming Josh has been saved by Jesus and they'll be pushing a new reality show about his road to salvation. Shameless!)
Josh Duggar Edited His Cheating Apology Twice to Remove Porn, Satan References [People]
Josh Duggar's secret Facebook account friend list including female bar workers, a lingerie photographer and a stripper [Daily Mail]
Josh Duggar's Ashley Madison problem [The New Yorker]

August 20, 2015

Folsom Street Fair 2015 releases new promo vid

Folsom Street Fair 2015 is back, taking place Sunday, September 27, 11am – 6pm on Folsom Street in San Francisco, CA. The kink-fest wants everyone to come (cum?) and so created an interesting new video for the affair.

August 18, 2015

The Brits are a lot gayer than you think

YouGov gay Brits

The world is certainly changing. In an online survey by YouGov, almost half of Britain’s 18-24 year olds who took part admitted that they were not 100% straight. 
When respondents were asked to plot themselves on a "sexuality scale," an impressive 23% of British people chose something other than 100% heterosexual. That figure increases to 49% in 18 to 24 year olds.
The scale used was invented by Alfred Kinsey in the 1940s. It plots individuals on a range of sexual dispositions from exclusively heterosexual at 0 through to exclusively homosexual at 6. YouGov used a basic form of the scale and asked people to place themselves on it.
That said, a majority of Brits who took the survey - almost 72% - saw themselves as 100% straight. However, that means 28% were open - even if only in a small way - to same-sex attraction or experiences.
On the flip side, only 7% of respondents over age 60 admitted to any degree of bisexuality.
According to the survey: "Clearly, these figures are not measures of active bisexuality - overall, 89% of the population describes themselves as heterosexual - but putting yourself at level 1 allows for the possibility of homosexual feelings and experiences. More than anything, it indicates an increasingly open minded approach to sexuality."
And we all know, open minds lead to open holes. 

August 10, 2015

Anti-gay lawmakers fake gay sex scandal to hide real affair

Gamrat and CourserTwo Michigan State Representatives decided that the best way to hide their affair was to fake a gay sex scandal. The two, Todd Courser and Cindy Gamrat (pictured), are Tea Party darlings who, naturally, believe gay marriage should remain illegal. Both are married (but not to each other).
Courser was concerned that news of the affair was going to leak, so the two decided to create a story that Courser had met up with a male prostitute. Then, when the story of the real affair came out, conservative supporters would be relieved and more likely to forgive.
Courser's aide Ben Graham recorded several of his boss's suggestions for the e-mail leak.
Graham can even be heard in these recordings arguing that the plan was a bad one. “This is a crazy way to deal with this situation,” Graham said. “Normally, people just like front it off, head it off themselves and say ‘Hey, this happened’ or quietly resign and go away.”
Graham was later fired after refusing to go any further with the scam.
The anonymous e-mail that was eventually released by either Courser or Gamrat was almost identical to the recordings.
When asked to explain his actions, Courser had little to say. “I’m not commenting on what happened in my office between Ben and I inside here,” he said. “... I don’t have any comment at all.”
Everyone who voted for these two nitwits should now be denied the right to ever vote again.
You can read more of the story here.

August 6, 2015

Religious group hands out condoms for "the second coming"

Second coming condomsThe socially progressive Chicago Theological Seminary wanted to be nice and hand out condoms during several festivals. The condom packages included a rainbow colored version of the church's logo and the slogan "Take Two (for the second coming!)."
The condoms were shared during the city's Pride Parade, Pride Day at the United Church of Christ General Synod and the Wild Goose Festival (a Christian music festival).
The result: a lot of pissed of conservative Christians!
Evangelical mouthpiece Bethany Blankley accused the seminary of "false teaching and false representation of Christianity."
"Nothing could be further from Biblical truth – the seminary’s claims are inherent of blasphemy, heresy, and an obvious representation of hatred toward God and His Word," she wrote in a column. "Only an apostate Christian and apostate church could celebrate or encourage gay sex or orgies. Only an apostate Christian and apostate church could advocate being 'LGBTQ friendly.' Apostasy is inherently anti-God." (Apostates sound like fun!)
The school, however, doesn't much care what people like Blankley think. "It was done with a little humor that not everyone appreciated," explained Rev. Alice Hunt. "We believe that Christ's message is always about love and inclusion. There's a lot of angst about the same-sex marriage issues, particularly in certain communities."
Seminary's 'second coming' condoms offend some conservative Christians [The Chicago Tribune]

July 28, 2015

Sexy Spartans defeated by Chinese police

It was supposed to be a harmless promotional event celebrating the anniversary of Sweetie Salad, an organic salad delivery service: a hundred studly Western actors outfitted like Spartan warriors marching through well-know shopping districts in Beijing. However, this is China, and when the shopping crowds got too interested in the parade of half naked men the police decided the display was "disturbing street order." The beauties were ordered to disperse. A few did not flee at once and were wrestled to the ground and detained by police for a few hours. Given that there is no freedom of assembly, or freedom of anything for that matter, in China, it's not  a big surprise.