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960 (avg. 75 min.)   Stream and Download
* studio videos are higher quality
MP4 (stream/dwnld); 800x450;  575k 


Some video can be streamed on mobile devices, but site design is for desktops.

Nightly live sex shows with cumshots included.
Pre-checked cross-sale on sign-up page.

Review date: October 2015

"What's Gay Hoopla?" you may ask. It seems an odd name, given that the usual definition of hoopla is making a big fuss. But as we discovered, this collection of very good looking young guys in almost 1000 high quality videos is worth a bit of fuss. A lot of them are amateurs but they know what to do in front of a camera, especially when it comes to pleasing their many fans.

The thing that sets Gay Hoopla apart is the live shows that are broadcast each evening. Unlike most live sex sites, which give you a tease for free but require you to pay more for anything explicit or one-on-one, your membership gives you full interactive access to the model and you get to see him whack off to climax. So if you like live sex shows with lots of banter, this is definitely one to consider. Bonus: about 1/4 of the videos are not cam shows; they are professionally shot, exclusive scenes.


The Gay Hoopla tour starts with a few rapidly rotating video clips highlighting some of the most recent and upcoming content. You can browse a selection of the videos if you click on the "View All" link in the "Latest Updates" area. But there are just 40 video previews in the tour that have been designated as "Features" and are superior quality to the archived live shows. The tour clips are 1 to 3 minute previews and there are text descriptions for each of these. But if you happen to click "Videos" from the main menu at the top of the homepage, you are taken to the sign-up up page. The tour tells you that you can download 970+ videos and watch a live show every night. But it also gives the impression that all the videos are in HD, when in fact only a very small percentage are.


The site is very easy to get around. The live show will come up on the home page and if it's not show time, you can readily browse the archive of recorded shows. These are are all tagged with topics so you can cruise around to similar videos. The model roster is also cross-referenced to all the camshows and videos he's starred in.

The Men and the Action

The guys are very good looking and nicely built college jock types. Some are truly breathtaking and appear new to the porn world. In contrast to the studio videos, the live shows often take place in the guy's own place so there are a variety of settings. A good part of the show is spent responding to fans' questions and comments. Over the course of approximately an hour, the performer gradually strips off his clothes and start to stroke - or poke, himself, all the while paying attention to the fan chatter. He ends off by cumming, often followed by a refreshing shower. Sometimes the performers will offer to do something extra if they get a certain amount in tips, but they have to jerk off to climax no matter what; that's the deal.

Video Details

The live show streams are generally clear and crisp at the default size but they display in a smallish embedded window. You can upsize to full screen but then you cannot follow the group chat. During the show, the camera tends not to move unless the model moves it himself, which is to be expected.

The archived videos are available to stream or download and these display larger (thought the streams are slightly smaller than the downloads); they look very good at their default size, with definite quality loss on upsizing.

At this review just over 200 of the videos are solo, duo, or group scenes shot as regular movies with proper camera angles and close-ups. You'll see videos that introduce a new model, regular solo and self shot solo videos, and hardcore videos that pair up guys who have good chemistry.

Just since our initial review in October 2014 the site has grown by more than 360 videos, to 966. Of these new episodes, more than 90 are studio videos, the rest are camshows. And while the camshows average 60 minutes, the studio videos are about 30 minutes in running time. There are approximately five new camshows and one new professionally shot exclusive video each week, and you can download and keep any of them.

The live videos stream at a default size of just 550x310 pixels. The archived streams are a bit larger and the downloaded version is larger yet at 800x450 pixels, but with a low bitrate. However, some of the non-camshow videos have have a bitrate of 2400 kbps and a default size of 1280x720.

Screens: Except for the hardcore features, there would be significant quality loss if you upsized to a TV-sized screen.

Image and Other Content

The site continues the process of adding photo galleries for the features, though this was not complete at review time. There are now approximately 120 digital image galleries, averaging 20 pictures each.

Summing Up

Gay Hoopla has been able to attract a very hot and fresh group of young performers. The site's design, video quality and its revealing look at the models is a surprisingly winning combination for a relatively new site. And the camshows are great choice if you are looking for sexy and friendly guys for live chat and full on jerking off to climax. Gay Hoopla may become an instant classic.

30 day: $29.95 (rebills @ $29.95)

30 day: $39.95 (no rebill)

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Quality 26/33
Quantity 19/20
Personality 5/5
Video Options 4/6
Updates 6/6
Content 60/70
Tour 4/5
Usability 13/15
Fairness 4/5
Value 4/5
User-friendly 25/30

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Condoms: Yes
Most scenes are solo.
[safer sex in porn]


30 day: $29.95
(rebills @ $29.95)

30 day: $39.95
(no rebill)

Billed as:
Blurred Media

Gay Hoopla is operated by Blurred Media and has been online since 2012.

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960 (avg. 75 min.)  DRM: Stream and Download
* studio videos are higher quality
MP4 (stream/dwnld); 800x450;  575k 


Some video can be streamed on mobile devices, but site design is for desktops.

Nightly live sex shows with cumshots included.
Pre-checked cross-sale on sign-up page.

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