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HD quality streaming videos.
Videos stream only; pre-checked trial to another site; no new updates.

Review date: February 2016

Did you know that British guys have huge dicks? Well, at least that's the idea you get after a visit to Hard Brit Lads. Simon Booth -- the renowned director of more than 40 stunning Eurocreme videos in the last decade -- didn't stop to rest before launching this site in 2010. HBL is a celebration of the creamy complexions, slender frames and club-like penises of these rock-hard Brit lads -- and over two-thirds are in 1080p HD.

There are some definite minuses: your membership is streaming only, unless you want to pay $8 per scene for downloads. The site stopped updating in 2015; scenes that appear to be new at first glance are actually upgraded reprises from past years. There's also a pre-checked sign-up to another site when you join.


The non-members homepage provides a good start to your tour of thissite. There are nine graphics of recent videos at the top of the page, all of which open to explicit preview clips. Just below is a video loop which sits above a grid of 25 recent episodes. All of these images open to an explicit clips as well. And let's say you wanted to see an earlier video from the video inventory, or a model from the model roster. Just click on any episode or model and watch an explicit clip.

When you go to join, be sure to uncheck the pre-checked trial to another site.


There are two main sections: "Videos," where you find all of the videos in reverse chronological order, and "Models" where you'll find all the models in alphabetical order. There is no separate "Photos" section, but many videos are accompanied by image galleries. Click on "Bonus" for videos from each of fifteen other sites, including Eurocreme Studios, which gives you a chance to sample even more hot men (there are six streaming videos on each). The Hard Brit Lads videos and photos can be sorted by newest to oldest, oldest to newest and most viewed. While there or no topical tags or drop-down category menus, there is an advanced search page.

The Men and the Action

Honestly, there are almost too many big, uncut dicks, perfect college asses and cute faces to count on these juicy young models. The guys of Hard Brit Lads are fit, and of various builds with just a hint of macho toughness. They're mostly a smooth lot, and almost all Caucasian with just a few guys of African descent in the mix. The site's model index gives a brief description and stats for each guy, and a few of the solo videos include steamy interview segments. The action scenes, usually with two guys, make up about half of the total. The scenes are simply staged and include lots of passionate kissing, dick sucking, rimming, flip-flop fucking and some toys.

Video Details

The viewing quality of the the Hard Brit Lads videos is very good, and with around two-thirds in 1080p HD, though there can be some hesitation in playback of the streams at the top quality. The videos are generally single-camera shoots that will impress you with how thoroughly professional they are. There's an excellent range of camera angles, poses, and close-ups. In addition, even lighting and crisp sound are all put in the service of capturing steamy action and massive cumshots.

HBL currently hosts almost 365 exclusive videos with an average length of about fifteen minutes. Unfortunately the site no longer updates with new episodes, instead it is recycling older episodes - and remastering them to HD standards at the same time.

MP4s will stream only in your choice of three qualities. Those added since January, 2013 (about 2/3 of the total) are HD, displaying at a top size of 1920x1080 pixels, 5000 kbps. Older ones are 960x540 pixels, 2800 kbps.

Screens: There is now a full mobile version of the site included with your membership. Videos added since Jan, 2013 are high-def, so look good on the big screen.

Image and Other Content

Almost every video on Hard Brit Lads is accompanied by a high quality image gallery. Its a little hard to tell if these are digital images or screen grabs but in either case they are high quality. The older images will display for you at 536x800 pixels while the newest ones show at a screen filling 1066x1600 pixels. There's no slideshow, but if you prefer to view your stills offline they can all be downloaded as zip files.

Along with 90 bonus streaming videos from 15 other sites, HBL has a link to a cam site but the cam models are not from Hard Brit Lads and of course is charged separately.


The site loses fairness points because there is a pre-checked trial to another site and older, upgraded videos are being presented as new.

Summing Up

Hard Brit Lads is an excellent collection of sexy, straightforward young British guys in expertly shot, very high quality solo and action videos. We love the effortless horniness and enthusiasm of these college age guys. That being said, you must pay a premium if you want to download a scene and the site no longer updates.

30 day: $19.95 (rebills @ $14.95)

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Quality 28/33
Quantity 13/20
Personality 4/5
Video Options 4/6
Updates 0/6
Content 48/70
Tour 4/5
Usability 13/15
Fairness 2/5
Value 3/5
User-friendly 22/30

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Condoms: Yes
Condoms used in fuck scenes.
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30 day: $19.95
(rebills @ $14.95)

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one of CCBill, Segpay, Net Billing, Verotel.

Other payment options:
EU debit

Hard Brit Lads is operated by Mania Media World and has been online since 2010.

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365 (avg. 15 min.) DRM: Stream only
MP4 (stream); 1920x1080;  ?_k  (66% of videos)

Photos - 365 sets of 100 images

Works well on desktop, laptop and mobile devices.

HD quality streaming videos.
Videos stream only; pre-checked trial to another site; no new updates.

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