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Four new videos a week! Corbin Fisher American College Men is a stunning collection of collegiate guys in over 1900 very high-quality videos.

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1917 (avg. 20 min.)  No DRM
MP4 (download); 1920x1080;  5000k  (10% of videos)
MP4 (stream); 1280x720;  3400k  (20% of videos)

Photos - 1917 sets of 15 images
Vidcaps - 1917 sets of 45 images

Members have full access to both a mobile-friendly and desktop version of the site.

Fast downloads; 4 new videos a week; newest vids are 1080p HD.
24 hour download limit of 8 GB; expensive trial; some formats mislabelled.

Review date: June 2014

Now in its eleventh year, Corbin Fisher's American College Men is a premium quality showcase for collegiate guys. The size, popularity, and quality of this site is a true gay porn phenomenon. CF attracts lean, muscular and very sexed-up 18- to 25-year-old amateurs with smooth skin and handsome faces. At this review the update schedule is an impressive four fresh videos per week, each accompanied by digital image galleries. The videos are mostly crystal clear and are available in several formats, with the very newest in large format 1920x1080 HD. However, there is a 8 GB daily download limit.


The American College Men "Campus Tour" allows the visitor to go into the full video and model roster. For every video on the site there are model stats, including age, height, weight and cock size, a full text description of the episode, up to nine decent-sized sample photos and a list of the video formats and resolutions. Explicit preview clips are also now available for many of the videos. You can also peruse the "Student Body" (the model roster) and see additional images.

Corbin Fisher operates two sites and there are tours for both here: just remember to use the "ACM Home" button for American College Men, because the regular "Home" button combines all the scenes from the second site, American College Sex (ACS), which is guy on girl action. Also, if you browse the "Student Body" model index, you get all the videos a guy has been in on both ACM and ACS, so you might find videos where your dream stud is fucking a girl.


American College Men has a crisp, clean design featuring large photos throughout its well cross-referenced indexes. Navigation is simple, with the most recent models and videos showing up first on the ACM Home page. All of the video and image options for a scene are nicely arranged on one page.

Once you log in, you'll be on page one of the huge "Video Library" where you'll find handy drop-down menus to select specific models or filter by numerous criteria including type of action and popularity. Over in the model index ("Student Body") there are more sort options, including age, cock size and shoe size. When you check out the "Dean's List" you'll find extra attention paid to the most popular models.

Just as in the tour, if you click on "CF Home" instead of "ACM Home" you'll find you're in a consolidated index that includes links to the girly populated American College Sex as well. And for those who are sticklers for detail, recent downloads that are actually MP4s are still being labelled as Windows Media and Quicktime.

The Men and the Action

The Corbin Fisher models are very attractive, buff young guys, 18 to 25, with lean but defined builds. Almost all the guys identify as straight and the theme running through the site is the "CF Education." These new recruits are here to learn about the joys of sex with other guys - and learn they do. Solo videos usually start out with an interview of the new freshman before having him strip and get down to business. If we're lucky, he'll decide to enroll in the CF Education and we'll find him paired up with another, usually more experienced guy (or guys). About three out of four new videos are hardcore bareback and while you'll always find freshmen on the site, there are a number of regulars that keep coming back for more; indeed some must be doctorate students by now.

Each video and each model page includes a detailed first-person description, which adds a lot to the personality of the site. CF has developed a few specialties, including some very hot foot action and lots of facial cum shots. You'll also find a past series of videos with Bel Ami stars making guest appearances.

Video Details

For the great majority of the videos the viewing quality is excellent for the downloads, less so for streams previous to April, 2013. The videography on American College Men is mostly first-rate. Two cameras catch all the action with well-paced medium and close shots, although an occasional one of the shoots is underlit, with the interviews and the action a bit murky, or even a cameraman blocking the light. It's shocking that out of close to 2,000 video shoots, a few are less than perfect! As for the cumshots, not one is missed and you're almost always guaranteed two angles, one medium and a close-up, right in the splash zone.

There are over 1900 videos featuring over430 models in solo and hardcore sessions. The videos average 20 minutes in length. The site is updated four times a week with fresh original video. There is no DRM so you can download and keep the videos as long as you like, though there is a daily download limit.

Since April, 2013, new videos have been available for download in MP4 format at 1920x1080 pixels, 5000 kbps. More - about 15% of the total - top out at 1280x720 pixels, 3400 kbps. Older downloads are in the closely related Quicktime (MOV) format and play in a 960x540 window at just 800 kbps. However, up to October, 2012 Windows Media was the favored download format, so higher quality WMV downloads are available, most playing in a 960x540 window at about 1500 kbps.

Video added since April, 2013 will stream in MP4 format; these display at 960x540 pixels, 3400 kbps, though their native size is 1280x720, which is why they great at full screen. All the streams previous to then are lower quality, which is compounded because they are forced to display at 960x540 pixels even if the native size is much smaller.

For some reason they still label downloads that are MP4s as WMV and Quicktime.

Screens: - There is a fully iPhone compatible version of the site, making it easy to navigate and stream direct to your device.
- an iPad version of the site provides you with high and low resolution streaming video options.
- high-definition MP4 videos can be streamed to your TV via a mobile device (or by downloading to iTunes) and AppleTV.

Image and Other Content

Each video is accompanied by about 20 good-sized photos and 25 video captures. The more recent vidcaps are huge, while older ones are somewhat smaller. All image sets are zippable and there's a slideshow option for the vidcap sets.

Corbin Fisher American College Men also provides additional content that rounds out the whole experience, such as "Pete's Attic" (formerly "CF Radio"), a weekly MP4 audiocast with models. Under "Extra Curricular" there are wallpapers and e-cards; the behind-the-scenes footage archived in the "CF Unlimited" section hasn't been updated in some time, nor has the "News."

Summing Up

Corbin Fisher's American College Men offers excellent quality videos of gorgeous, eager young men attending the Corbin Fisher "school of higher yearning." The massive number of videos, the frequent updates, the super fast downloads and the sensual atmosphere make Corbin Fisher a truly enjoyable erotic experience.

30 day: $24.95 (rebills @ $24.95)

30 day: $39.95 (no rebill)

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Quality 30/33
Quantity 19/20
Personality 5/5
Video Options 5/6
Updates 6/6
Content 64/70
Tour 4/5
Usability 12/15
Fairness 5/5
Value 4/5
User-friendly 25/30

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Condoms: No
Condoms not used in new fuck scenes.
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30 day: $24.95
(rebills @ $24.95)

30 day: $39.95
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Corbin Fisher ACM is operated by Liberty Media Holdings and has been online since 2003.

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