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178 (avg. 25 min.)  Stream only
MP4 (stream); 900x500;  ?_k 


Video can be streamed on mobile devices, but site design is for desktops.

A well-done fraternity fantasy site.
Pre-checked sign-up to Sketchy Sex; video streams only; no model index, no image sets.

Review date: January 2018

Fraternity X is a special fraternity where a dozen or so cute college guys party continuously and fuck anything with a hole. The frat house is trashed, littered with beer cans, overflowing ashtrays, and oozing testosterone... There is always one newbie who is labelled a "bitch" or a "cock slut" and as the guys sit around drinking, smoking and trash talking, this poor newbie gets singled out, pinned down and mercilessly drilled. The one and two camera shoots are shaky, chaotic and sometimes poorly lit; there's no episode or model index; and the videos cannot be downloaded -- but the whole thing works great on a fantasy level.


In the "About Our Frat" section of the tour, you're informed that they are "an official Fraternity at Arizona State University just outside of Phoenix, Arizona. We created a gay porn site to help put us through college. We cannot say our fraternity name or letters for obvious reasons so online we call ourselves FraternityX." OK, whatever.

The tour includes clips from every one of the scenes on the site, along with text descriptions and a collage of images. It is quite evident what awaits you inside. But the tour doesn't tell you that there are no downloads available, which is a major oversight. And there is a pre-checked sign-up to another site on the sign-up page; be sure to uncheck it if you don't want a recurring membership to SketchySex.com.


The Fraternity X site design is basic, to say the least. You'll see a large screen capture for eight video updates on each page. To watch these streaming-only videos just click on the player arrow. Once the embedded player begins to roll your video you can choose one of four speeds. There are no search or sort options, no categories and no model index. You'd think a bunch of amateur frat boys threw it together.

The Men and the Action

The guys on Fraternity X fit the type for the most part. They are young, masculine, and horny for dick. Most you won't have seen before, but in the "About Our Frat" section they explain, "some of us have done porn in the past."

The scenes are what you might imagine, with lots of sexual initiations and some humiliation. There are usually at least three guys in a scene and more when they break in a frosh. He moans and squirms, but never seriously tries to get away from any of these masculine young guys, some of whom wield seriously big dicks. The boys down beers while fucking, whooping and hollering when its time to spray the poor pledge's face or butthole with cum. The guys say they are bi-sexual, yet week after week there are no girls to be found. (We don't get why such good looking straight boys can't get girls to have sex with them!)

Video Details

The viewing quality of the videos is good, with some loss of quality on upsizing to full-screen (and don't forget to change the quality to "HD"). The camera work is all handheld, and way too shaky at times; but this is a part of the "real" aspect of the action. There are lots of good angles but some videos have inconsistent lighting.

There are 178 videos on the site, with a new one added only biweekly. Running time is about 30 minutes per episode. And sadly, as we have already pointed out, there are no downloads available.

The videos on Fraternity X are MP4 streams that play in-browser at a 900x500 pixel default size. There are four quality options and you can upsize to full-screen, but as with most players like this, it's default or full-screen and nothing in-between.

Screens: The videos will play on a mobile device. While you can watch the vids on a larger TV screen they don't look that sharp, despite the "HD" label.

Image and Other Content

There are no image galleries on Fraternity X at all; just a few thumbnails per video. Neither is there any bonus content.

Summing Up

Fraternity X does a good job of providing a "real bro" sex frat house experience, as long as you're willing to play along with the horned-up and out-of-control vibe. Allowing downloads would be a definite improvement.

30 day: $24.95 (rebills @ $19.95)

30 day: $34.95 (no rebill)

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Quality 27/33
Quantity 12/20
Personality 5/5
Video Options 4/6
Updates 2/6
Content 50/70
Tour 5/5
Usability 9/15
Fairness 2/5
Value 3/5
User-friendly 18/30

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Condoms: No
Lots of condomless fucking.
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30 day: $24.95
(rebills @ $19.95)

30 day: $34.95
(no rebill)

Billed as:

Fraternity X is operated by OLB Media LLC. and has been online since 2011.

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178 (avg. 25 min.) DRM: Stream only
MP4 (stream); 900x500;  ?_k 


Video can be streamed on mobile devices, but site design is for desktops.

A well-done fraternity fantasy site.
Pre-checked sign-up to Sketchy Sex; video streams only; no model index, no image sets.

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