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229 (avg. 20 min.)  Stream only (+ pay-per-scene downloads)
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Photos - 60 sets of 10 images

Works well on desktop, laptop and mobile devices.

Real military guys.
No longer updating; videos stream only (downloads cost extra); video quality varies.

Review date: May 2017

Director Dirk Yates is a military porn legend, the first to film and widely distribute videos of real military amateurs fresh from bases near his home. The journey from military camaraderie to having a buddy's dick up your butt was not a very long march at Dirk's place.

Many of the videos were filmed years ago with a single camera in less than ideal conditions, so the quality is variable. More important, the site appears to have gone into a holding pattern: it includes streaming access to about 225 select scenes -- much fewer than in our last review; and there haven't been any updates since September, 2016. They also claim that all the downloads (available at extra cost) are in HD, which they are not.


The Dirk Yates tour gives a good idea of the content of the site, but it doesn't provide any sample videos or large images. The tour allows you to browse through individual scene pages, with a scene description; however, clicking in any further takes you right to the signup page. The tour tells you the site updates weekly -- but it does not update at all.


Basic navigation between sections of the site is easy enough, with the content divided into the major sections of "Scenes," "Updates" and "Bundles" (DVD titles). You can also search by tags, scene names and model names.

The "Updates" menu offers a quick glance at the scenes with smaller thumbnails and less description.

You will notice that in the search options, you can also sort by "Price." This refers to the cost, in credits, to download each individual scene. Members are able to stream all of the content, but if you want to keep the videos you will need to pay extra.

The Men and the Action

The formula is straightforward: serve up fresh 19 to 26-year-old marine meat. If you have an appetite for straight, unaffected guys with buzzcuts, you'll like this crew. Some of these guys are veteran jarheads, some are just fresh-faced boys from the mid-west. You do get the feeling they are for real, but when you see them with their heels over their shoulders, or earnestly following Dirk's direction to "get your ass a little higher in the air," it's hard to imagine them fighting alongside their buddies in Iraq.

The sessions are almost always indoors in a very basic living room, bedroom, bathroom or hotel room. Quite a few are solo sessions and there are lots of buddy jerk-off scenes. There is usually a little conversation between Dirk and his finds. For example, the guy will spout about all the girls he's fucked -- just before getting plugged by a big dick or a large, firm dildo.

The site used to include an archive of live shows, but these have now been removed.

Video Details

Dirk Yates, and his trademark style have been around for a long time. We respect his longevity, and we totally get why he shoots with the look and feel of amateur video. However, in this era of high-definition amateur productions, many of the older titles have a dated, murky look to them; they are listed as being in HD, but they are not. In many of the movies there's also a lack of angles, close-ups, and poses. Too often, in an otherwise acceptable video, we have no evidence that the model has cum, because even when warned by the model, the videographer doesn't move into position to capture the shot properly. However all of this can actually make a scene hotter if it's the sort of thing you are looking for.

There are currently just over 225 scenes on the site, though as you get to the older "scenes" you will actually find a few full length movie releases (which include several scenes and run for almost 90 minutes).

All video can be streamed in MP4, playing in an embedded 960x540 pixel player.

Screens: The site is compatible with mobile devices.

Image and Other Content

In our last review of the site, one issue was the lack of image galleries. This has been rectified in some cases; not all scenes include a set of images, but those that do -- including most new scenes -- offer a clearly marked link to download a zip file of around 10 images.

Summing Up

Dirk Yates houses a unique collection of his famous amateur military videos. These trademark videos will provide many hours of enjoyment for fans of true military amateur video and the horny young military guys that perform in them. Sadly, the site has fewer videos on offer than it once did, and it hasn't updated since September, 2016.

30 day: $19.95 (rebills @ $19.95)

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Quality 24/33
Quantity 15/20
Personality 4/5
Video Options 4/6
Updates 0/6
Content 47/70
Tour 4/5
Usability 10/15
Fairness 4/5
Value 3/5
User-friendly 20/30

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Condoms: Some
Some older, pre-condom scenes.
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30 day: $19.95
(rebills @ $19.95)

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CCBill.com *RASCAL

Dirk Yates is operated by Channel 1 Releasing and has been online since 2003.

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229 (avg. 20 min.) DRM: Stream only (+ pay-per-scene downloads)
MP4 (stream); 960x540;  ?_k 

Photos - 60 sets of 10 images

Works well on desktop, laptop and mobile devices.

Real military guys.
No longer updating; videos stream only (downloads cost extra); video quality varies.

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