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Cameron Parks now the seventh model to leave Helix Studios

Cameron Parks

Cameron Parks is no longer working for Helix Studios, joining a growing list of stars no longer working for the site.

The porn model said he was fired by the company, and he took a few parting shots at his former employer.

His statement, in part, read:

Today was my last day working at Helix Studios / 13 Red Media. Two years ago I encountered Keith Miller at one of his events in San Diego and was immediately drawn in by what I perceived as a family. I was quickly recruited to film with them and after doing so I was swiftly asked to take on a Full-Time position as a production assistant. I became immersed and obsessed with the environment they created. I would soon find out every dark and secret sin that surrounded the company and it was my task to keep quiet and keep the illusion of their environment thriving. 

Things became worse, he alleged, after following the company to Las Vegas.
During this time I was surrounded by models, some of those I grew great friendships with. They would tell me deep personal things about the dangerous home life they were flying in from and I would listen. Often I would spend times with them going hiking or shopping around town. Shortly after, a higher up in the company made allegations that I was sexually assaulting these young men. That was a ludicrous statement and it led me into a dark depression. I had relationships with some of the guys but they were always consensual and typical of 20 year olds looking for love. From then on, I sought friendship outside of the Helix environment only to be told that my new found friends were too “creepy” or “ugly” to be around models.
Cameron Parks
He accepted a job with the publishing side of the company to move away from what he saw as a toxic environment. It would lead to his termination.
During this time I had the pleasure of working under Taylor Saracen and we worked to publish several novels and novellas. I thought to myself that all of my past anxieties were just that, in the past. I wish I had know that they were just beginning. Recently I was tasked with planning the book tour for Electric Soul, a novel based on my long time friend, Joey Mills. During this time Joey had a variety of disagreements with owner Keith Miller. I made it known that I would like to remain neutral in that conflict. Keith didn’t let me. He was paranoid and lashing out with threats of lawsuits against the models I made friendships with. When I got back from our first stop of said book tour I was immediately confronted by the owner of Helix studios last Friday asking, “What is this Parks & Mills thing?” Who are you working for?” And then he finally asked me, “You need to choose, is it Joey or this company?” I stated that my abilities to perform my job has nothing to do with my personal friendships. In no way do they [affect] the business, and I would not like to answer that question.
Today I woke up to a phone call from Keith Miller stating that he simply cannot work with me anymore and my services are no longer required. When I tried to collect my items from my office, Keith ripped my paintings off the walls and threw around my furniture. He was ranting that I bought them on the company credit cards, and that is not true. Instead of checking the statements, he made allegations he is not able to back up. Now I find myself at a loss after blindly following this company for 2 years and moving to an unfamiliar location for them.
Miller, Helix' president, confirmed that Parks had left the company, but would say little else. “I can confirm that Cameron has been terminated," he told Str8UpgayPorn. "I will not comment further on internal personnel matters. I wish him well in his future endeavors.”
That didn't stop another Helix model, Kyle Ross, from weighing in. He took to Twitter to declare that Parks had been fired for stealing from the company. His evidence: a claim that $700 was used for Uber without consent.
Cameron Parks
Parks was quick to fire back.
"Those Uber rides included $100 fares to and from JFK," he said in a statement. "There were a total of four trips. One from JFK to our hotel. One back to JFK from hotel. Joey and I missed our flight, so we Ubered back to hotel for another night, then back to the airport the next morning. So, that’s $400 right there.
"The rest were three trips to the Strand Bookstore, several fan meet-ups, four dinners, a radio show, and finally a business meeting with a graphic novelist. All trips taken from the hotel to the destinations and then back to the hotel. They don’t know what up from down is, let alone what fraud is."
This is quickly becoming the makings of a made-for-TV movie, The Helix Affair: When Twinks Collide.
As for Parks, there is no word on what he has planned next. For now, here are a few of his galleries to check out while we wait.
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