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Review date: May 2018

*Quickie reviews are not scored, but provide a brief description of the content of a site within a network. For a detailed, scored review of the network that includes Men on Edge, see our Kink Men Review.

The twist on this gay bondage and discipline site is that the sub gets ever so close to cumming, but isn't allowed to until the very end of a long session that alternates intensely pleasurable sensations with bondage, pain and other techniques from Kink.com's huge bag of tricks. As in all of the Kink.com sites, the video quality is excellent, with streams available at four different qualities, including 720p high-definition.

The subs on Men on Edge are usually good-looking masculine types with nice builds, though there is some variety, including a few smoother, younger men. Often they are name stars, so you might see someone you're familiar with in a new situation. The submissive, sometimes taken "against his will," is often blindfolded and bound and then subjected to lots of painful treatment, alternating with unbearably pleasurable attention. On the painful and uncomfortable side, this may include flogging, ball and nipple torture, dildos, and suspending the bound sub in the air.

They can also be relentlessly tickled, sucked and licked with a warm and wet mouth, or given a complete "toe shrimping" with another warm and wet mouth. The subs don't get fucked, but they sometimes have to suck off the doms. Throughout the episode the sub is relentlessly teased by stroking and playing with his dick, until he's begging to cum.

The viewing quality of Men On Edge videos is excellent; these are very clear videos with stunning lighting, sound, and composition. The camera work is professional, with fluid motion around the scene as it unfolds, a variety of poses, and just the right balance of medium and close-up shots.

There are 278 videos on Men on Edge, with an update about every two weeks.

Men on Edge is another state of the art site included with the Kink Men network. The videos are true high-definition with great viewing quality.

For an in-depth, scored review of the network that includes Men on Edge, see our Kink Men Review .

30 day: $34.95 (rebills @ $34.95)

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